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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Range time...

I took Small and Noisy A.K.A.  my son as I refer to him to the range as a treat for the end of the school year.  He did extremely well on the CRCT test that is a requirement for promotion to the next grade.   In Honor of Old NFO and Murphy's law  who went to the range and fired a bunch of old rifles, I finally decided that my old rifles need to be given some exercise also.  First off my son started shooting and he did extremely well.  Here is a pic of him holding the rifle that "Santa" brought him.
Well he settled down and at the end of the lane where I had the target set up, he started shooting very respectable groups.  the only time we had problems is when we had feeding issues.  His rifle is finicky when it comes to ammunition.
Well I brought out 4 of my "old rifles and fired them for the first time in 12+ years.  I even fired the 303 enfield.  I happened to find 4 rounds in my ammo stash so all 4 got a workout.  It was different shooting bolt action .30 caliber rifles when I have been shooting .22LR's in my AR-15.  After finishing the range I took the time to clean them up.  And took a couple of pictures of them.  I should have taken pics of them at the range but I didn't.  So I took them at home.  The pics ain't near as good if I had used natural light.
     Here are a 4 of them on the couch.

The first one is a 308 Enfield that the Indian Police used.  It was made in Ishapore  it is the same rifle as the 303 enfield but made for the 308 or the 7.62 NATO round.  It was made in 1968.  It uses the same action as the 303 Enfield.
   The second one is my O3A3 Springfield, It was made in 1943 and it was the first "old" rifle I bought.  I got it back in 1987 while I was in Germany.
It is my favorite rifle as far as my bolt action rifles go.    The next one is my Mosin Nagant 91/59.  I picked up in the mid 90's when they were importing them into the country.  It was made in 1942 and was later converted by the Bulgarians to a carbine version.    The last one is my 303 Enfield, it was made in 1945 at the same factory as my 308 Enfield at Ishapore.  Funny how that worked out.  Like I said, it was a blast shooting my "old" rifles.  there is something about holding a piece of history in your hand.  The rifles look much better in person than they look in the picture.  And an added plus all the serial numbers match.  I really don't care about stuff like that but I was pleasantly surprised when I cleaned them for the first time and the S/N matched.
     Once I locate more ammo, I will take them to the range again.


  1. Very cool! Good father! Keep it up. Your son is a cutie and tell him I said he has good form...sure to be a marksman!

  2. Very nice, indeed. Yes please--more shooting and more pictures! Hope the young 'un enjoyed his range time.

  3. Nice!

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  4. They may be old rifles, but they won world wars. :)

  5. Thanks Mamma Fargo for the kind words. When he first started shooting, he would just sling lead downrange. But his favorite show is "Top Shot" and he learned to make his shots count and his marksmanship really improved.
    You are welcome Chidimma for the compliment.
    Thanks Murphy, Harry really enjoyed his range time.,...it is a daddy/son thing we both enjoy. There will be more shooting, I have a Swedish Mauser made in 1894 that I used for silhouette shooting while I was in Europe in the late 80's, I have some ammo for it, so I need to bring that one out also.
    Elgin, Yep they did win wars....now if I can get my Garand unassed, I will have another. Thank you:)