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Friday, July 12, 2013

Range time....again

Well I took my son to the range, It seems like it was a good day to go he was jonesing for some range time and I wanted to do a bit of shooting.  My son used both of his .22's rifles, and I brought along my 303 Enfield and my Mosin Nagant. 
On this picture he is checking that the safety is on before he loaded the magazine.   I wanted to take more pics but I had gotten the dreaded *bong* of death that the demise of my phone was imminent due to lack of energy.  My son did well on the range, he used both iron sights and the scope to see the difference in the impact zone.  
Here he is loading the magazine in preparation to shoot.  I fired a few rounds through my 303, then switched to the Nagant.  Somebody asked me after I had fired several rounds, if they kick as hard as people say.  I replied " Yes they do"  I only fired 20 rounds before my shoulder cried for mercy.  I will go again in a few weeks to shoot again.  By this time I hope to have the upgrades to my AR completed and see how she runs at the range.  I also tried to locate some 6.5X55 swedish mauser ammo for my 1902 Mauser.   I wanted to shoot it, but can't locate the ammo for it.  The last time I fired that one was when I was in Germany in 1990.  I used it for competition shooting.   I hope to locate some ammo so I can see how the last of my "old" rifles shoot.

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  1. Wish I had known, saw some 6.5 Swede at the Chantilly gun show last month.