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Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Zimmerman Trial...and the aftermath? updated photo's

 I made it home and was able to access my files of photo's.  My brother uses an apple laptop and it is a lot different than the Win XP that I use on my computer.  So I updated the photo's on this article.

I am traveling out of town, am visiting my brother and his family in Fort Rucker and we watched the live testimony of the "not guilty" verdict.   I am relieved that this part of his journey is finished in the judicial system.  But I believed that his trials and tribulations are not finished,   He will now have to deal with the civil aspects of a trial.  The trayvon family ambulance chasing race baiting bottomfeeders lawyers have said that they will pursue a civil litigation against him.  They also alluded to the fact that the DOJ will probably pursue "civil rights" violations against Mr. Zimmerman.   You know the same DOJ that helped organize anti-Zimmerman protest last year.  It is refreshing to see the Department of Justice apply equal protection under the law to this case.  I am sure that they would do the same thing if the races were reversed.
     The trial should never have gone forth, the totally spineless politicians that pursued this to appease certain segments of the population and the politicians that depend on the continued good graces of said segment of the population to remain in power.  We also had the media that shamelessly inflamed tensions in an attempt to push a narrative.

I and my brother went to MSNBC to see how they were trying to spin this as basically that it was a black and white issue.  They also commented that the Florida "Stand your ground" law was to blame for this issue.  They still were trying to spin the narrative that "Saint Skittles" A.K.A. Trayvon was just headed to the store to buy skittles for his little brother and he was stalked and shot in cold blood by the police wanna-be white racist George Zimmerman.  They tried to link him to the tea party and the GOP.
When it came out that he voted for Obama in 08 and tutored minority children and he was Hispanic not white, kinda killed that one.  The picture used to described Trayvon was the innocent 12 year old,
they did not use the older Trayvon using gang signs and showing the trappings of a thug lifestyle.
  The picture they used to describe Mr. Zimmerman was the picture that was 5 years old in a jail jumpsuit.

  I saw a bunch of signs demanding "no Justice and no Peace"  also demanding the repeal of the "stand your ground" law.   George Zimmerman life will never be the same.  He will have to move and go to a different place to avoid the media and there will be people that will try to hunt him down and pursue him and possibly kill him " for Trayvon and Justice".   The fury of the mob knows no limitations to its fury.  
     One of the outcomes of this case is that people will hesitate to shoot even in self defence for fear of being persecuted by the media and the DOJ even in a legitimate case of "Self Defence".  I remembered a case several years here in the Atlanta area, the case of the "Red Dog Unit" of the Atlanta police department was being pilloried in the media for targeting minorities and harassing them. It didn't matter that the entire area that they worked was full of "minorities" They were thrown under the bus by their superiors and the politicians that ran the city,   Well in Forest park ( suburb of Atlanta) a Forest park officer pulled a car over for a traffic stop around the same time.   Well the people in the car came out shooting, according to the eyewitnesses that saw this, the police officer hesitated in pulling his service weapon and got killed.  I believe that he hesitated because of all the media attention and for a split second he wondered " If I shoot, will my department back me or will I be screwed along with my family."   Well he got killed and his family lost their husband and father.
    This issue sucks, the Reverend Al Sharpton, the purveyor of the Tawana Brawley incident, the shootings of 7 people of Freddies fashion mart by the rent a mob instigated by him,  the crown market shootings and burnings and many others of racial strife.  The MSNBC commentator expressed his outrage at the verdict and that it shows that racism is alive and well in America.
     The feeling that I have gotten from a lot of Americans is that they are tired of the constant racial drumbeat being pushed in the social fabric of America and they are no longer willing to be "reasonable and accommodating to the racial claims of the loud minority that screams "racism" at every opportunity.  I fear that there will be a blowback and the resulting chaos will either tear this country apart or this will give the Obama Junta the excuse to impose martial law and suspend the constitution and become a dictator by proxy.  I wonder if this is by design and cement a wet dream that the progressives have had since Woodrow Wilson started the modern progressive movement.


  1. I think it is all a terrorist ploy to get America to divide itself :) LOL

    After all, why blow the place up when you can create a civil war! Ok, that's my soapbox.

    Zimmerman is going to have a life of civil unrest for eternity. Or at least until his death.

  2. All comments are on the money, the spin on this has been absolutely ridiculous!!! As for defending myself? If I have to I will, but it looks like I'll be facing something similar if it comes down to it...