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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Why I don't FACEBOOK or other social media...

This question was mentioned on a reply to one of Old NFO's post while he was down under and the subject of blogging and Facebook came up.  Well I relayed that I used to Facebook, partly because others were doing it and it was a chance to keep up with my friends and also network.  My Army unit that I went to the gulf is on Facebook as is my last employer Ford Motor Co Atlanta Assembly plant.  The plant is gone, making way for Porsche to build a headquarters for their North American operations.  Well the people that used to work there formed a Facebook page and that is how we keep tabs on each other and also tell others if there are any jobs at and where to go. 

My problems happened when I was taken to task by one of the liberal friends of a good friend that I have known for many years.  Well I got thought about it for a while then proceeded to rebut all the half assed assertions and distortions that this person made.  My response was quite lengthy and my friend *Shelldude* as I refer to him was quite impressed and since he has known me for a long time and he knows that I am quite the polite person and it takes a lot to get me riled up knew that I was pissed by my response.  This was the rant that got me suspended from FB for 3 weeks.   I removed the name of my friend that is involved.
" .Hit the enter button again..*dangit* I would have responded yesterday but I was off the internet due to SOPASTRIKE..Well I read your rant or diatribe, and since I am the only person on the other side of the fence from the rest of y'all I guess it is directed at me. That is fine, so I will go down your screed and make my counterpoints. I do not look the other way on things, When I debate somebody I make sure that I have facts to back up my statements. Verify with XXXXXX on that. Yes I have stood in the shoes of the poor, the crap I went through after I got out in 1991, Ask XXXXXX, I dropped off the face of the planet for several years. Being soo poor and afraid to face my friends that knew me from before to see how far I have fallen. Having just enough change in the ashtray of my truck to buy a burger so I could eat. I remember those days and swore that I would never be there again. I work many jobs that I despised but I needed the money and worked them until I got a better job. That is how I climbed out of poverty. Like I have stated, there is a difference from people actually being down and out and the moochers. When I work the food pantry, the people that are down and out appreciate whatever we do for them. they are grateful. The moochers bitch about the food they get and make specific demands. The entitlement mentality is on display. They expect others to provide for them because they exist and put forth no effort to better themselves and break the cycle. The government is supposed to be "we the people" but the special interest have taken root. That is what happens when we have career politicians. They on both sides are more concerned about getting reelected and maintaining their power and perks. I like the idea of a citizen legislator, they spend part of their time in D.C stirring up trouble. I never came out of a trailer park and that is as bigoted as the comments you deplore. I am not stupid, but I am angry when I have seen what has happened to this country, we used to be the beacon of the world, the envy of the world, We as a society believed in American exceptional-ism, Now we are told we are just like everybody else and that infuriates and saddens me. President Obama and the Democrats have screwed it up. They picked up where the establishment Republicans left off. Then you threw the race card on me..."closet racist" any criticism of the president is considered "racist" Is this where I am supposed to apologize for all the sins of my ancestors and grovel on the alters of Political correctness and diversity?......Naaa don't feel it. How can there be any political discourse debated when the race card is thrown down. When all else fails, the opponents are "racist so I don't have to debate them since I have the moral high ground". When will it end? I also have been discriminated against, Discrimination isn't just a Black or a Female thing. I lost jobs and job opportunities because I wasn't a minority or a female. If you want I will tell you specific examples. We all have been discriminated against at one time or another. I remember it and don't like the feeling, so I go out of my way not to do it to others. you saluted Mr Thompson for being a wise person and basically told me to screw off since I do not breath the rarified air that you leftist inhale...or drink the koolaid for that matter. You are correct on the assertion that the politicians give us little to keep us pliable. that is how they maintain control. That is all it is, the ability to maintain control, our freedom is surrendered on the promise of security and we became slaves to the government and the political masters that control the government. If you or XXXXXX want to defriend me on account of this reply, that is your decision to make. We will have to agree to disagree. I thank you for your time

 Well I was reported  to Facebook for "Hate speech".  Although there was nothing that I had said that violated FB's terms of use.  It took 3 weeks for FB to release my access again and by this time I was so angry I started blogging instead.  I have since learned that this is a favorite tactic of the left is to "flag" what they consider inappropriate content and FB and twitter is very quick on the banning of conservative thought, but slow to release the access.  Whereas the left can say things quite incendiary and nothing is done.  They control the narrative.  This presents a problem where speech is censored for " thought control" or "hate crimes".  This is a slippery slope to tyranny. 
     I have since then blogged a lot, met a lot of good people on the blogosphere and have an outlet for my writing.  having a blog allows me to say things that I want, put up stuff that I find interesting, and it helps me be a better writer and helps organize my thoughts.    I stay on FB because of my Army unit and my Ford buddies.  I use a "nom-de Guerre" on this site, I don't want people finding out where I work at and try to get me fired because they didn't like what I have to say.   My employer is very risk adverse and would can me in a new-york minute to avoid bad publicity.   Liberals like free speech if it is what they agree with it.  If they don't like it they try to silence it. ........... The tolerant left.
     the cartoon that is shown with this article is what I believe would happen if I continued posting on FB.  The left in the past few years had several phone numbers and websites that were organized by the government  if they wanted to "fink" on their neighbors if they believed them to be "extremist" or a "danger to society"  They tried this with "attackwatch" and also the white house had its own "narc" line to squeal on your neighbors.  Goebbels would be so proud of the modern left. 
The Germans are very sensitive to a police state since a large portion remember living under the East German Government until reunification.  They are not happy with Obama and the NSA spying on everybody else.  

He has tried to deflect this stating that this was a holdover from the Bush administration......Really?   You still gotta blame your predecessor?   When you gonna grow a pair and actually take responsibility for something that happened on your watch.   Oh yeah...You have dodged the IRS scandal, Fast and Furious, Bengazi?, Solendra, Fiskers, and many other scandals and your compliant media still covers for you.
I will continue to blog since I find it therapeutic and when I see something that either pisses me off or something that I think is "Neat!"  I will post it here.   If I did it on Facebook, anything would be lost among the noise that is Facebook.  Also blogging has made me a better writer and better able to organize my thoughts.   So I will keep on blogging.


  1. Yep, you committed the 'cardinal' sin of countering with TRUTH... And I'm glad you ended up here, otherwise we'd have never connected through the medium! And you're dead on about liberals and 'free' speech, it's ONLY free if it agrees with THEIR perspective.

  2. Interestingly, I was scrolling through Lagniappe's Lairs bloglist today at work and saw this hit. Thought that would be worth a looksee. Unfortunately, our network has a content filter that blocked this site as hatespeech. I work for a school district and the filter is run through our Region Support Center in Austin. Just thought you might like to know.
    BTW, I agree with what you said.

  3. Hey Old NFO, Thanks for the kind words.

    Hey Mr. Juvat. *wow* my blog is labeled "Hate speech"? Dang,I guess I made the big time. I guess the filter misses all the airplane and history stuff. It must be the anti Obama and pro 2nd amendment stuff that did it:) I do appreciate you dropping by for a visit.