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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"What DRIVES me nuts....."

     I got the idea of this posting from what Old NFO ranted about on a drive that he had in Virginia if memory serves.  Well I figured that I would do the same thing kind of thing.   I have a few pet peeves that I see on a regular basis on my drive to work.  I shamelessly clipped the pic from Wirecutters place.   To back up my driving experience, I have been driving since I was 15, I am in my late 40's now.  I have been driving in many places in the world including 5+ years on the autobahn with my 1986 Mustang:).  I learned how to drive properly in Germany.  In Germany they have a very strict program for people to get their license...no Drivers ED there.  The people would have to go to an actual driving school and learn how to properly drive.


     I saw several different things on my way to work tonight.  As soon as I hit the main drag from my house I saw the ever popular Chevy truck running with their high beams on.
     I then had the plug in the traffic flow caused by some person that would drive 15 miles BELOW the speed limit and you cannot pass this clueless idiot due to oncoming traffic and the Chevy Trucks with their high beams on.
     I am continually amazed by the total number of mal-functioning turn signals in new cars.  I guess people use them to hang their purse on since they ain't used for nothing else.
     Then when I drove to merge on the interstate, the person 2 cars in front would drive 45 miles an hour to merge on an interstate that has a 70MPH limit on it.  Merge to my old fashioned dictionary means to speed up to facilitate a seamless transition to the speed on the right lane....not force the tractor trailer to slam its brakes  on to keep from plowing into your stupid butt when you jump in front of him at 30 miles an hour slower.  Tractor trailers DO not stop on a dime...there is a thing called inertia....and their brakes are good...but not THAT good.
     Then I had the popular left lane bandit that insisted on going 10 mph slower than the max and on a 70 MPH interstate the speed are usually 80+.  I always told myself that if I was ever a police officer, they would be my favorite target since I consider left lane bandits the ultimate kind of douchebags.  People don't realize that if a person has to get out of the lane of travel to go around your slow ass, they increase the possibility of an accident because lane change is the top 3 or 4 for root cause.
     Also I had the car running with their high beams on and they usually are the slower ones and people speed up to get away from these people.
     I had the people who will run in the left lane then head immediately for the off ramp and cross 4 lanes of traffic and they get angry if the car they are trying to cut in front of don't let them in.
     Another one is  if the person that is in the fast lane and creeps past the other car in the slower lane and you are waiting for 5 minutes to get enough of a gap so you can pass on the right to get around grandma moses.
     I also see when there is bad weather, there is the car doing 25 MPH with their 4 way flashers and their wipers on warp drive.  I always mutter " If you are so scared, don't go or find a bridge and hide under it until the rain stops.
     There is a special hell for those that are able bodied and park their lazy butt in the handicap spots.  My first Step-mom was dying of cancer and my dad had a hard time finding parking because of all the able-bodied people that parked their BMW's and Maxima's in the handicap spots.  With him being a Police officer, he would enjoy writing those $400 tickets.
     There are many more, but I figured I would scratch the surface with this.


  1. Oh yeah... Heard that! My buddy's (handicapped in wheelchair) way of solving that was to park behind them and block them in till he was done!

  2. Yep, you hit most of my peeves, but the string of Harleys..........