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Friday, January 2, 2015

The differences in Generations......

I took a break from blogging on New Years day,  my son had several friends over so they can play video games on the main TV and other things that 11 and 12 year old boys do.  But they also started singing....songs ...and they were trying to sing this song...

   I was walking by and made some comment about that they need to be a barbershop quartet and sing this song at their next pep rally......and they liked the idea....Egads...what had I wroth?
     They also were making comments about "your pet dinosaur while you were growing up....."    I replied"Yes I learned my letters on clay tablets and papyrus leaves. "   I also commented "Yes there is a difference on generations...Y'all liked Frozen.....This was the music of my generation....."

        "Men of Harlech"

     So who was better?

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  1. At least the men of Harlech had balls... Today's generation??? I wonder...