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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Star Trek "Prelude to Axanar" and other stuff

I have been busy at work, but no overtime this week(drats) so I was working a bunch of chores that needed to be done, the next 6 weeks until spring break promises to be hectic.  I will be posting more movies and video shorts, those will be easier for me to post on my tablet. 
    One of the things I did was put new tires on my Ranger, she needed tires for a long time and I finally put the original rims and tires on the truck.  Now the Ranger looks like a truck again:)    She is my camping and run errands and haul stuff Ranger, I have no complaints, the truck is in excess of 300,000 miles and runs good and she has all of my disgruntled veteran stuff on the back.
New Tires
Gone Camping(disgruntled Veteran) pic

  One of the things I did today was pick up more ammo, I saw the proposed rules from that rogue agency of the rogue Obama regime, the ATF is proposing a ban on the popular green tip 855 round for the AR pattern rifles.  people are angry and there is another run on the ammo.......again.  I have been buying a box here and a box there every week or so and I have been doing this since the Sandy Hook fiasco.  I don't want to be running like a lemming trying to buy ammo at the last minute.
  It is not a lot of ammo, but multiply that by every couple of weeks and it starts to add up after a while.  I learned the lessons after Sandy Hook.  I have been expecting something from the Obama Regime after the 2014 elections, the petulant boy king(I havn't used that in a while) is still throwing a temper tantrums over the 2014 elections.  he is pouting and I am sure that the director of the ATF didn't get this idea on his own.  Gotta choke off the ammo for all those bitter clingers.
   They are still talking about net neutrality and the government attempt to "regulate it in the Public interest" like a utility.   I am hoping that there is such an uproar that the congress will use its power of the purse to rein back the FCC, although I have a gut feeling that the GOP will roll over on this one also.
   On a different note, I ran across this video from Star Trek "Prelude to Axanar"   it is about 21 minutes long, there is supposed to be a movie in the works, this is a fan based movie and it is very well done.  If you are a fan of the "original" series before the JJ Adams version hit, you will really like this.  It is the story of the Federation and the Klingon empire that had a war before the adventures of Capt Kirk.  It is a very good movie short and worth the watch.

21 minute movie short


  1. Yeah tires! Good things to have...LOL And that movie IS well done!

  2. That Star Trek video - I checked it out. They made that for only $70,000. Incredible! Traditional Hollywood is in big trouble if independents can make movies of that quality at that price.

  3. Hey Old NFO;

    Yep tires are good to have, and I was very impressed with the movie. As a Trekker, I loved that short, it shows the quality that is capable on a budget and a love of the project.

    Hey Neil,
    They really done well with that one and I had forgotten that they did that for 70,000 bucks. they did real well, I joined their Facebook page, I am waiting for the actual movie to come out.

  4. Wow. Great video. I am not a Trekkie, but I do enjoy the shows.