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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

More fun you tube video's Hitler finds out about Brian Williams....

Still Busier than a
   But things will slow down a bit, I have been working on on my "Monday Music" and it is thriller...From Michael Jackson....lot of material on that one...Will probably get it up tomorrow....Hopefully

I was walking by the group of toolboxes and another Mechanic got hold of a "Hitler" parody and this one involves Brian Williams.  The last post I put up with the "Hot Chick crazy scale" I was able to post with my Tablet..Yay!! go me:).  I couldn't use the work computers....apparently there is a filter block on my small corner of the internet.  Apparently I am too brutal to the "dear Leader" in my rants I guess.    But anyway I saw this parody and figured y'all would get a laugh....But be warned,,the language is there



  1. HAHAHA. I have seen that posted but hadn't had a chance to watch it until now. Omg. So funny. Thanks


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