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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Range time...:)

  Well on Monday, my son was out of school and he had a friend spend the night, the spousal unit mentioned..."You know that you promised to take the kids to the range..."    I gave her the patented look....you know the one that says
   Yeah..that is the one...

    Well we went to the range near my house and we only brought the .22LR rifles....The EBR stayed home this time, we just shot the regular .22's
My sons .22 semi Marlin and my Remington Nylon

And the bolt action Marlin.

   The kids had a good time shooting and they took it seriously the marksmanship.   Both kids enjoyed it and I was there having fun...and supplying the ammo....

Practicing the fundamentals
It was a good day at the range...then we headed to the next town over and 
ate gyro's and other fun food,    then we went home and I crashed on the recliner, the cold I was arguing with hit full bore and all I wanted to do was sleep.  the boys played computer games and they were happy also. 


  1. Aw...he is a doll! So glad you are a good parent and show that kiddo firearms safety and fun!

  2. The kids may know more about firearms and their operation than 90 percent of those writing or reporting for America's mainstream media.


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