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Sunday, March 1, 2015

A video clip to pass the time..The Swiss Drum Corp and my busy weekend

I went camping this weekend, we left Friday evening,  I returned early Saturday morning to take stuff to the Financial Peace Yardsale.   
Came home, loaded stuff in the truck, I used my son as a "counterweight".  to move the old couch.

    I then  went camping again for the weekend.  man I am tired.  I have just enough time to post this before I go to sleep to get up early.

     So I am going to post a new video run from the Swiss drum corp.  I hope to make the Tattoo in Virginia in August I believe it is.

       Can't go wrong with that......


  1. The are GOOD! That is the only way to put it...

  2. The are GOOD! That is the only way to put it...

  3. They are very good, but I am partial to the Casper Troopers Drum & Bugle Corp. You will have to look them up. They travel all the time to events and competitions.

    Your son looks like he is about afraid if you hit a bump...LOL

  4. Any favorite campsites open to the public near Atlanta you'd care to recommend?