The Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions." --American Statesman Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

Friday, March 6, 2015

Assorted thoughts and musings....and hippies

I will be having a busy weekend...again.  I will be going to the scouting base to instruct scouts on the functions of a .22 rifle or a shotgun this weekend.  I don't mind...for I am teaching the next generation of shooters so the sport doesn't die out like the liberals want it to.  Speaking of liberals, I had gone with my friends to lunch today, something I normally don't do because of finding a parking spot upon returning to work, and it isn't cheap..spending $8.00 for lunch is pricey to me.  But it was a special occasion, one of my co workers was transferring to a back shop.  Now at work, many people have nicknames...well his is "Chimp, chimp"  because he has a monkey on his back...literally

He would carry this monkey on his back during breaks,    hence the name.  But I digress,  We went to a popular BBQ spot near the airport and where I work at, and the food was good and fast...and while sitting with my co-workers I saw this sign:

  the cool thing about having smart phones.....is the camera...and it is a pretty good camera.  I immediately took the picture, I have blogged about hippies in the past.  I still have the cartoon that my Dad had in the early 70's that talked about the hippy lifestyle.  they would protest the "stinking establishment" but get many benefits from the same people that they disparage.
                      This is what the average mindset of the average liberal...they look at the government as "free money" and have no idea or don't care where the money comes from..they figure it comes the "Stinking rich" people that the government has liberated some of their ill gotten assets.   So they picket and mooch and yet take all the goodies.
  I have a serious problem with this, we have a huge underclass that depend on the government for sustenance, and they vote accordingly and the politicians act to keep their jobs and perks as " the ruling class."  Now we are having a debate to raise the debt limit...again because the government doesn't have the spine to make the hard calls for the future of the country.
     The government has a spending problem...it can't stop spending money.Instead of cutting spending ..they want to raise the debt limit.  It is like a family of 4 owing $15,000 in credit card debt, instead of cutting the spending to service the debt...they want to raise the credit card limit instead.   This is fiscal foolishness.  they are postponing the day of reckoning and the pain will be worse.


  1. Teach em good! And agree with the rest of the post too!

  2. Teach em good! And agree with the rest of the post too!