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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Saturday shooting and training...

Well yesterday morning(early) I left my domicile to make the long and arduous journey to the scouting base.  My travels are filled with different kind of  dangers..not potholes like a very famous blogger and writer of awesome novels...(Did that sound good Old NFO?) my dangers are of a different sort.   I have to travel through several townships with very aggressive fee based enforcement services that have an affinity out of towners...but I was successful in avoiding the attention of the nefarious collectors of the travel tax.    How is that for literary license?

     Anyway I headed to the scouting base to get there early so we can do set up and figure out duty assignments.   We got to the range, and started setting up.  We had 13 kids here for .22LR, we had 14 kids here for shotgun and some more for the fishing merit badge.   Well it started with the standard safety briefing including the 3 "always" rules.  Then we started the instructions, teaching the kids to shoot properly. 

  After we finished shooting...All the kids qualified and got their "Rifle Merit Badge", the scopes were used for the kids that were weak on the fundamentals and the scope magnified their flaws and let the kids see what they were doing.  It does help in their shooting.  We were also using "splatter" targets so the kids actually could see how they were doing, that helped also. 

  After shooting, we introduced the kids to another joy of shooting guns.....cleaning, we cleaned every one of them.   I commented in the past, that for camp rifles, these are actually pretty good rifles for a Boy Scout camp.  the shooting department did well in purchasing these. 

After we put the rifles up, we signed off on their merit badge cards, we had a bunch of happy scouts and after they left, we adults pulled out our assorted lead throwers and fired a bit.  I headed to the shotgun range to fire my CZ skeet gun.  I haven't fired it since 1990.  The first time I fired it yesterday, I went back in time and I enjoyed it immensely.  the first time I broke it open after firing it and I extracted the shells( my shotgun don't eject them out like the Western based shotguns.) and the smoke wafted up from the chamber and all was good:).
Mega blog commentator "Mac"shooting one of his Beretta's

We then proceeded to clean the shotguns....Recoil therapy is a good thing
My shotgun on top with Mac's 2 shotguns beneath it.  Mine is the Czech and he has a Beretta and a Ruger.  They all shot good and we had a blast.  A good time was had by all.  Only thing would have been better if Mac had sprung for beer or something afterwards.  I would do this again and yes I did volunteer again.   There are a bunch of good people down there and the camaraderie is a good thing especially in this day and age, to shoot and hang with like minded people is a good thing.


  1. So cool you are a part of that training and molding of young minds. Bravo! Looks like it was a beautiful day. Those are some snazzy looking firearms. And beer...yes. Beer is always good after the range or ice cream. LOL

  2. My bad! I'll budget for beer next time.
    Actually, we'll shoot for money and loser buys the beer.
    Thanks for coming. I certainly enjoyed the pleasure of your company.

  3. Not famous, and I try to write... Other than that... :-) Thanks for stepping up and helping the kids out! I didn't know you knew Mack.

  4. Not famous, and I try to write... Other than that... :-) Thanks for stepping up and helping the kids out! I didn't know you knew Mack.