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Friday, May 1, 2015

Conclave adventure.....

     I will be going to another camping event this weekend...so I will not post again until Sunday unless I can get the network on my phone then I will post something sooner.
I had promised to post some pictures from my 2015 SR9 Conclave the past weekend.  Well I will try to post some pics and video's.   Here are some of the pics I have..

            These are scouts performing these dances..not professional dancers...this is part of the order of the Arrow.  They borrowed a lot from the American Indians as far as traditions.  It is a unique part of scouting.  The Indians approve of us doing this...to them it helps keep their traditions alive.

  Here is a video that I have uploaded and I hope it works.  The video shows the scouts dancing to a drum team that are also scouts.  I will post a drum team next.

     Here are some more regalia that the scouts are wearing....the Scouts hand make these outfits..they can buy the material...but they make them by hand

   Here are some more......
These outfits are works of Art
    I was very impressed by the dancing and drumming.    We also went to classes on the use of social media, the Order of the Arrow troop representative and his duties...the duties of the adult representative..    I always like learning new things.    The scouts also were there.....we also learned some new games....this one is called "Wixxam".  It was played by braves   whereas we use a soccer ball, the braves used a rolled up piece of skin.  

   It is played a bit like basketball...there are 2 big cans set up, one on each end..and instead of dribbling, they have to pass it hand to hand...no traveling...as they say.  and they can pass it to their team mates and try to shoot it into the cans.   Very fast paced.
      And of course the scouts had a lot of time to goof off...I call this the modern scouts...
   Camp Sidney Dew pulled out all the stops, and with the exception of all the rain we had, they did very well.  The camp cook teams had a unique patch they had for conclave.


    My being a warped individual...I had a huge laugh with the hat and patch.


  1. I remember those... Thanks for giving of your time!

  2. I remember those... Thanks for giving of your time!

  3. Bravo! I love their beaded dress! They did a great job. A little hat to go with that patch. LOL