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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Monday Music "Drivers Seat " by Sniff 'N' the Tears

Before I get into my "Monday Music", I went camping this weekend with the O.A. and went through another "Ordeal", this one was the fall one.  The kids did well all weekend and the work they did at the entrance to the scouting base looks real good.  
  I got a couple of pictures of the ordeal ceremony.
This is my son in Regalia he is "Nutiket"
"Kitchkinet and Allowat Sakima performing the roles during the ceremony"

All the scouts did well this past weekend, despite my hand being wrapped up, I did participate.

   I heard this song on the "70's" channel when I was driving to work and I vaguely remember this song when it first came out in 1978.  It was a bit different than the disco that was still prevalent at this time.   I thought the band had a lot of talent but this song was their only hit to make the billboard.

"Driver's Seat" is a 1978 song by the Welsh band Sniff 'n' the Tears that appears on their debut album, Fickle Heart. The band is considered a one-hit wonder as "Driver's Seat" was their only hit.
The genesis of the song dates back to 1973 and a demo tape recorded for a French record label by singer/guitarist Paul Roberts for the band Ashes of Moon. However, that band broke up and, at the suggestion of drummer Luigi Salvoni, Roberts re-formed it as Sniff 'n' the Tears with guitarists Laurence "Loz" Netto and Mick Dyche and bassist Nick South. They shopped the demo tape and signed with the small Chiswick label in 1977.

According to Paul Roberts, "Driver's Seat" isn't about driving, but rather "fragmented, conflicting thoughts and emotions that might follow the break-up of a relationship". One of the key decisions in arranging the song was to start with drums and additively bring in other instruments.
"Driver's Seat" reached number 15 on the American Billboard Pop Singles chart in the fall of 1979, and reached the top 10 in The Netherlands in November 1980.

    I actually found the video of this song........:)


  1. I love your son's animation. Somehow me thinks he has a lot of your personality in there. LOL. i had totally forgotten about Sniff 'n' The Tears. Wow. I'm getting old. LOL

    1. Hey Momma Fargo, Thank you :) I am glad you survived the weather in your neck of the woods, although I feel for you about your caffeine struggles on locating a cup :)

  2. God , that's a great song! Now I have to find it on the iPod. ;-)

    1. Hey Irish;

      it actually was, I caught it on my XM radio and bootlegged it on my phone. I was surprised to actually find a music video for the song.

  3. Good on the boy for the OA work! And I've NEVER heard that song...LOL

    1. Hey Old NFO;

      Sometimes I look for songs in the 70's that you might know...sometimes....;) And thank you for the compliments on the kids

  4. Good on the boy for the OA work! And I've NEVER heard that song...LOL