The Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions." --American Statesman Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

Friday, August 12, 2016

A few thought.....

I will be going camping again this weekend for NYLT.  Work is settling down after the problems that happened on Monday.  I am glad, I was tired. 

     I am sure the Vikings in Vahalla are raising their mead glasses in honor that another warrior has joined them.  I knew Mike only through his writings and that Mike and David humiliated the Obungler administration  when they tried to gin up a crisis with their back door attack on the second amendment.  I remembered when the news broke after Hillary was parroting the party line about 95% of the guns involved in the crime in Mexico and it comes out that the ATF allowed guns to walk into Mexico to run up a body count and generate a crisis that the Obungler administration would then offer a solution....more Gun control.   Lenin said it best...the means justify the end.  Mike and David did the work of real journalist, not the hacks in the D.C press corp that parrot the latest talking points from the DNC.  Mike's work on behalf of free people will not be forgotten.

   Also the blatant bias of the mainstream media is amazing.  They piled in The Donald about his comment about the 2nd amendment people stopping Cankles.  They totally ignore the father of the Orlando Shooter standing behind Hillary and he endorses her...You know the same guy that believes in Sharia law, and gays get stoned....and he stands behind Hillary on a stage...?    the media circle he wagons to protect her and deflect the questions but Donald gets piled on...?  Jeez media...can you make your bias less obvious ?

    Also I saw the payoff for the hostages in Iran....People are thinking that Obungler broke some laws...but nothing will happen to him...Remember he is a democrat and the rules are different for "our betters ".


  1. Mike was an 'interesting' guy to talk to in person. VERY strong beliefs, and didn't mind stating them. And yes, ransom WAS paid!

  2. Mike was an 'interesting' guy to talk to in person. VERY strong beliefs, and didn't mind stating them. And yes, ransom WAS paid!

  3. Donald Trump Super Pac's latest Ad "The Difference"


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    1. I have added your blog to my blogroll. Hows that for service ;)

  4. Hi Mr "G,"
    Thx for posting about Mike...... 'knew him thru his blog however we did get to Talk a few times and meet in person when I was traveling back to my old haunt in NC. 'Definitely a Man taken by our Lord too soon but it was his "Time." 'Remember the breaking of "Fast and Furious!!!!" 'Ya know Holder and Bunghole wanted him dead and anybody connected to him and Dave!! I have been buying and selling/trading in Gunz for a long, long time. I have never had any problems with the BATFE 4473, they always cleared, I am not a Felon or any of the other crap they have.....'but" a few years ago I stopped in Birmingham and met with Mike for coffee on my way to NC. You know Mike was being "watched" by Eric and his boyz... since then it is sporatic but I get "Glitched" by the BATFE on my 4473's!! They don't do it all the time but just enough to let me know that they are "PISSED BECAUSE I KNOW MIKE!!!!!" It is the only answer....
    Audentes, Fortuna, Juvat,