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Friday, August 19, 2016

Weekend musings and other pithy stuff

Well my hand is doing better, I am able to grab things and type on the keyboard now.

So far the procedure has been a lot easier than the left hand was.  I used percocett the first day and switched to Advil gel-caps after that.  Call me a wus, I don't like narcotic drugs....
     We are going camping.....again....this time for fall Ordeal.  My hand will be in a brace so I can't do much....except boss kids around...:)  and that ain't a bad thing.
     Now I have some pithy comments to make, the pics are compliments of "Facebook, Google and my stash folder on my laptop.  What can I say...I like Pictures :)
Apparently Obama can't be disturbed from his golf game to visit the people in Louisiana from the flooding.   Remember back in 2005, Bush got lambasted by the press for visiting 2 days and doing a flyby and the delayed reaction of FEMA.  Well in 2016, there is no FEMA involvement at all on the local level.
  The media has been silent about this, Apparently since the governor and mayor are democrats, there is no story there.  The simpleminded bias focus of the media is astounding. 
   Speaking of media...
CNN got busted  again editing tapes.  When the sister of the guy that got capped was on the media, she had quoted "
“Don’t bring the violence here and the ignorance here,” Smith is heard saying during CNN’s version.
An unedited video of speech began to circulate online, however, revealing the entire content of Smith’s speech and the vast difference in what she actually said as compared to CNN’s version.
In the unedition version, Smith was recorded saying the following to the rioters:"
“Burnin down s–t ain’t going to help nothin! Y’all burnin’ down s–t we need in our community. Take that s–t to the suburbs. Burn that s–t down! We need our s–t! We need our weaves. I don’t wear it. But we need it.”
What CNN reported as a call for “peace” was instead a call for riots to take place in more affluent neighborhoods so the inner-city community wouldn’t get destroyed.
Twitter users spread clips of a side-to-side comparison to show how CNN chose to ignore the hateful comments and only paint Smith in a positive light. The news network was slammed for its apparent bias by multiple people online.

With knowledge of the incident spreading quickly — thanks to social media — CNN anchor Carol Costello made an on-air apology Wednesday.
“I regret the second part of that statement was not included,” she said before cutting to commercial break.
CNN also posted a tweet Wednesday that didn’t use words such as “apology” or “regret,” but stated the editing was “unintentional.”
Needless to say, not everyone was buying the network’s version of what happened with the edit.
    Many people are catching CNN and the other mainstream media shamelessly tilting the news in favor of Clinton, when an announcer made the comment that "We are working on her behalf to see that she gets elected."

 Besides making sure that he stays on Vacation, The Obama Administration has made the news again,
     Obama's white house admitted that the 400 million that they paid Iran was for the ransom of the people held there.  Nothing like funding the next 5 years of terrorism out of that place.  That we will get back in spades...
 And finally have you noticed the people that have been dying lately around Hillary Clinton...?

   People that are relating to the Wikileaks the DNC staffer that got capped and also the Iranian Scientist whose name was mentioned in the email got hung by Iran for "Treason", for helping the United States with the Iranian Nuke program and others have mysteriously "died".

    And speaking of Hillary,  her election team made the statement that "when she is elected President, the Clinton foundation will no longer accept foreign money or Donor money......Really?

    The most distrusted politician in America...like we expect her to follow through on anything she says...

   Y'all have a good one and I will post some stuff on Sunday when I return from camping....again.


  1. Glad you're back 'among the living' so to speak... :-) Now do the damn therapy!!! :-)

  2. Glad you're back 'among the living' so to speak... :-) Now do the damn therapy!!! :-)

  3. I do not recognize CNN compared to what it was ten or fifteen years ago. Changes came slowly at first, now it appears little more than a Democrat propaganda organ. Sad too. It was an honest and upstanding news organisation when Turner ran it, even though Turner was opinionated in his own right. I think the genesis of what we see now started when Time Warner took control... And management shifted from an Atlanta based organisation to one where folks in NYC called the shots.