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Friday, August 11, 2017

Computer back online..

I used to do all my blogging in my bonus room where my main computer was, the one that used to run windows XP and I had blogged in the past about I hated Microsoft for withdrawing support for it.  Vista and Window's 7 sucked.  Well I finally went on Ebay and picked up a used computer for $60 with a fresh Window's 10 install.

     A bit of background, over a year ago, I was surfing the web following a story of the Syrian conflict and I was following a link of a link of a link of a link kinda thing and my computer started acting funny and several tabs started opening up and I quickly realized that my computer was being hacked.  I quickly pulled the antenna out of the computer, and tried to clean up the mess in "safe mode" and no matter what I tried, I couldn't stop or clean up the hack job, and it got worse.    So I to protect my self, I took the HDD to work and disassembled it and destroyed the platters. 
     I had saved a HDD from another computer a couple of years ago, and tried to install it on my computer and had mixed results.  The computer was slow and wasn't reliable so I used my laptop exclusively.  I finally decided to do something because I missed my "IBM" click keyboard and to be honest I have some some of my best blogging in my bonus room.  
    Well I got it up and running and I was pleased, I started working on a "Red Storm Rising" post. and I was happy that I got my "IBM" click back.  The problem is that I need a repeater, the WiFi signal is weaker with the "N" network that I have now when I replaced my older "G" network after the router decided that it was finished.  Oh well.

I did get my "Windows" cartoon on the side of the computer.

    On a slightly different note, I collected 7 stitches at work, Apparently portable Air conditioner cart ducts are sharp and when you are clumsy and trip and fall against it isn't one of my smarter moves, lol


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