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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Enjoyable Christmas

It was great spending time with my family on Christmas..The past few years, I had to work on Christmas day.  In certain industries like Commercial Aviation..it is a 24/7 and 365 operation. It is days like today that I am really appreciative of having a loving family to spend the time with.  I remember my time in the Gulf when I was away from my family and the homesickness and uncertainty.  After getting discharged from the service, I had to work jobs that had me working on Christmas.  You have to do what you have to do to survive and take care of your family.   I really appreciate having the time off to spend time with family, We went to the movies...as did everybody else I think...the theater was packed.

Santa brought my son a Marlin .22 LR for Christmas.  This rifle will go next to his bolt action .22 Marlin in my gun safe.   Needless to say,  he is agitating for some range time.   We will plan a trip to the range later this week or perhaps next week after the craziness of the holiday season has passed.


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