The Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions." --American Statesman Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

Friday, June 3, 2016

Political musings....

The elections are ramping up, the primaries are all but done, on the GOP side, the Donald got the delegates. Team Donk are still feuding, the anointed one by the DNC is having to fight for her scepter from the old socialist from Vermont..
    I will vote for Trump in the General election, Voting for Hillary the Butcher of Bengazi, the 6 million dollars that *vanished*, the many "donations" to the Clinton foundations..

Much has been said for the Clinton's propensity of "Pay to Play" politics...
Here are a quick list of her domestic donors, 

And to show that she is an equal opportunity hustler, foreign governments had to "contribute" to the foundation....
  Her and Bills hustling started in Arkansas when he was governor, Bills and Hillary's  name has been brought up with Tyson Chicken, the biggest employer in the state.  And she has branched out since then from travelgate, Vince Foster, the 900 FBI files, the Rose Law firm billing records and many other assorted events that a sycophant press covers up for her..

  I remember when the Clintons left the white house, they pillaged it like the Visigoths went through Rome, Hillary and Bill had to return over $300,000 worth of items.  They would tell everyone that they are poor, but they bought a 1.2 million dollar house in NY to prepare Hillary for the senate seat she was handed when the senior senator from NY retired and she was groomed for that seat.  The DNC made sure that nobody ran against her on the democratic primary.  
On a different note, Bernie is making Hillary work for it.  His fans are rabid, they have heckled Hillary at campaign stops and also they would stir up trouble with the GOP candidate.   There has been a lot of assaults on Trump supporters by illegals, and paid activist and the democratic mayors of those cities are blaming Trump.  Explain that again...?
  This reminds me of another time on History....

 When people are soo afraid of an opposing point of view that they would resort to street tactics to scare off or attack Americans that hold an opposing point of view...what does that say for our society.   We are in deep trouble, I have a gut feeling that this summer will burn and people will get killed at these rallies.  I have noticed that Bernie and Hillary rallies are not hassled, but the Donalds rallies are...?  All these people are doing is solidifying support Trump.  When I see protestors burning American flags, waving Mexican flags and attacking Americans, it makes my blood boil, where are the cops to arrest these people....What will happen when they corner some old man and his wife and start getting physical like they have been doing and the old guy pulls out s pistol and fearing for his lifer shoots several of these people.  What would the narrative be then?    

And we had a shooter over at UCLA, the initial reports were "white shooter", and the media rejoiced...finally something that fits the narrative.....but wait.....the information of the shooter came out and wait for it.....

Yep, the guy that was the shooter was a raghead, goathumper, religion of peace, a follower of Islam.   Here is his profile.....before and after after the mainstream media edited it to try to fit the narrative.
and the after.....

he wasn't a "bitter Clinger" as they earnestly hoped....and they wonder why people don't believe them anymore.   Credibility is important....and the mainstream media lost it a long time ago.
    And finally people have lost their mind about the Gorilla that got shot in Cincinnati,   This is a sad state of affairs and shows the problem of our country, Many of the leftist are mad because they shot a gorilla, it didn't matter that a human child was in danger.  What does it mean when a society values a gorilla's life over a human baby? To a leftist, they view humans as a virus

     They would be happy if all humans were eradicated and "Gaia" can be in peace and harmony.
   What does it say when we have a large segment of the population that hates itself, they hate being human and they hate Western civilization.   What does that say for us?  There is something like 3000 babies aborted everyday and nobody cares...but let a zoo animal get shot and the outrage is long and hard and loud.   What does this say for our value system.  No wonder the islamist and others view us with contempt .


  1. I sense you don't like Hillary. LOL. Like your info. The donation list to the foundation is quite interesting.

  2. It's starting to get 'interesting'... IN a Chinese way... dammit