The Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions." --American Statesman Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Submission and the forbidden word

  This is a tongue in cheek but unfortunately there is a lot of truth in this cartoon.  The policies coming out of D.C on the Potomac strikes me as surreal.  It is almost like I am watching an episode of "The Outer Limits".   A radicalized Muslim kills a bunch of LGBT folks in a club and instead of blaming radical Islam, they go and blame guns.  The funny thing is that the shooter passed all the background checks, had a FL permit, worked Homeland security and had a chip on his shoulder because he was discriminated against because he was a muslim.  Well if he had been a white male Hetro Christian he would have been fired.  The F.B.I investigated this guy 2 times for his ties to radical islam and each time he was passed because he was a muslim.  In the name of political correctness, the F.B.I let him go for fear of getting a lawsuit from C.A.I.R or some of the other islamic groups.  Now we have the usual democrats from "Dear Leader" and the presumptive Team Donk candidate immediately spout off about "evil Guns".  Not even waiting for the bodies to cool, they immediately start dancing on the bodies of the victims in the shooting.  Remember this is the same administration that in Bengazi, rather than tell the American People the truth, that this was an Islamic attack.  They go and blame a video, and got the director locked up on trumped charges rather than say it was a terror attack.
   I think the left has a problem, 2 of their "victim groups" collided as Old NFO coined a phrase and the left don't know what to do so they went with their standby....blame the guns.  I have been told that we need to have a national discussion on guns by some of my leftist friends and my response is " So y'all can talk down to me and lecture me and other gun owners.  It won't be a discussion, y'all expect us to acquaise to your diktats and submit.  There will be no discussions, whenever the left talks about a discussion..it means that we will hear "common Sense gun restrictions and we need to compromise.  Compromise what?   We are the ones giving up, what are the left giving up?..not a damn thing.  Y'all ask for the sun and will accept the moon because in the future, y'all will ask for even more...all in the name of being "reasonable".  Well screw that, I am done with being "reasonable", I am done with being blamed for all the worlds ills, I am done with having to be treated like a modern day leper.  Well screw all of them....I ain't giving up nothing and I told them, " you want to lead a stack into my house to get them....Knock yourself out.  Give it your best shot.
We are going back to the policies of the present administration, for some reason "Dear Leader" has a problem mentioning the word "radical islam" even going and having the DOJ release the redacted 911 tapes and it was done so poorly that it made it obvious that the administration has its head in the sand.  After the firestorm of protest about the blatant way of protecting the reputation of Islam, the DOJ was forced to release the original tapes.  It seems that administration is more concerned about islam rather than protecting the American people.  This shows a serious disconnect going on.  I believe that the people surrounding Dear Leader are academics and have no concept of the real world and the ramifications.   We "dirt people" live in the real world and we have to deal with all the crappy policies that come out of that ivory tower called Washington D.C. 

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  1. Those cartoons say it all. I wonder when the politicians will live in the real world. We could only hope the president would, but that has been evident of alienship for the last 8 years.