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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Goings on at Casa De Garabaldi

 I went on a roadtrip this past weekend, where I preloaded my blog(With mixed results, LOL) well my son and I went to Tennessee to visit my mom and pops in Eastern Tennessee.  Before we left we made our first stop

As the Running Joke goes, we stopped at the Kraznovian Embassy of Friendship and Waffles where we partaked of the goodness of breakfast, waffles and hot coffee and waffles and I have them add Pecans to them.(I'm from Georgia after all) 
     After making the 4 and half drive drive, we arrived at our first destination..

   This place is 3 stories of knives, blades, historical items and they sell guns and ammo, but they had guns but not much ammo.  I did pick up a couple of knives for work.
    Yes I almost bought this at the Knife works....Only those that have faced the spoons know the pain....

    The next day We had to return home and we stopped at the other store..

   I took that pic being totally blinded by the sun, and I am surprised that it turned out as good as it did.
     We immediately headed to the ammo area to see what they had....and NADA, what little they had we didn't have the bullet launchers to launch them....Oh well.

    This was the interior shot I took while we were headed to the 2nd floor headed to the ammo area.
     I did pick up a couple of Polo shirts in a smaller size because my other clothes are getting too big and the spousal unit comments that my clothes hangs on me like crap.  

   I almost bought this for the house, I thought it would have been really appropriate. 

   I saw several President Trump signs in Sevierville and near Knoxville, That area is serious Trump country.  I still saw a bunch of President Trump signs on the cars and on the yards.

   Yes I made the Kid drive a lot.....I'm the Dad, I can do that....Actually he volunteered and he did quite well.


  1. SMKW is my particular weakness, can't go there without finding something for the pocket or the toolbox. You *can't* see it all in 2-3 hours. Even going back several times there's always other little alcoves, side halls, and museum displays. Not a bad Bass Pro either. I'd move down there right now except the mama bear would be away from the grandbabies. I still look at property listings around Dandridge, etc.

    1. Hey Alan;

      I like it there, but I can't move there because my job is at the ATL unless my employer opens up a line operation in TYS, which won't happen anytime soon, I just commute up there. But everyone else has discovered the area and a lot of people have moved into the area from up north.

  2. Glad the trip went well, and good places to 'visit' too! :-)

    1. Hey Old NFO;

      I'm glad the trip did go well and yep it was a cool place to visit, LOL


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