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Thursday, August 4, 2022

if you think someone is following you.......


I have blogged in the past about "Moscow Rules" or "Situational Awareness".  I am decent about it, not the best, but I'm no slouch either.  But this showed up in my email and it was something that I never thought about before, so I shamelessly cut and pasted it.  The person that sent it to me was selling "Bug out bags.  I already have one in my vehicle, but what he stated definitely was food for thought.


Let’s say you think that someone might be following you…


Who knows the reason.


Perhaps you’re a government operative and that’s why you might be being followed.


Maybe you’re a wealthy businessman who people want to kidnap.


Or maybe you’re a celebrity who has a stalker.


If you’re dealing with amateurs, it’s pretty easy to tell if someone is following you, they don’t do a good job of hiding it.


But, what if you’re dealing with some true pros?


The pros will have various disguises and they will also often swap vehicles.


Just because you saw a red Toyota truck and you wrote down the license plate, it doesn’t mean you’ll ever see that same truck again.


So, then how do you know if a vehicle following you is actually surveillance?


Look at the tires.


As strange as it might seem and as much of a giveaway as it is, surveillance vehicles always have excellent and specialty tires.


They’re not going to have the standard tires that came with the Honda Accord.


They’re not going to have bald tires.


And, they’re not going to have the tires you buy at the discount tire store.


So, if you’re looking at the Honda Accord and you think to yourself…


Wow, those are fancy tires, they don’t look like they belong on that car” then you might have someone following you.


And, if you think someone is following you, run a 2-minute surveillance detection route (SDR.)


Just drive around the block or go in some type of circle and see if that same car follows you.


If they do, you know you’re being followed and you have a few options…


- call the police


- go to a public place and just sit there until they go away and then make sure you’re not followed home.


- or quickly spin around and start following them and see where they go (the predator becomes the prey)


Obviously, the first two choices are the safest, but it’s your call.


Just make sure if you decide to do anything risky in your vehicle, you’ve got the right gear with you should craziness occur.


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