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Saturday, March 2, 2024

Been sooper busy

 I have been super busy at work the past week. They opened up the overtime spigot wide open at my employer.  All i have done the past week is work, eat occasionally, drive to and from work and sleep. Plus exercise. 

     A little secret of the airline industry is that January through May are busy times for us maintenance types, we are bringing the fleet back to 100% after flying the piss out of them during Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Don't get me wrong, the planes at my employer and our competition are perfectly airworthy, but to keep them airworthy, we have a rolling maintenance schedule devised by Airbus and Boeing and we follow it to the letter, the FAA don't have a sense of humor about such things.  Also airplanes are happy when they are flying,  when they are sitting is when they start breaking., kinda like your car. If it sits all the time it breaks.  

       Well anyway we are bringing the planes back to 100% and filling the parts bins getting ready for the summer season. 

     So bear with me.

   I typed this off my kinda smart phone at

You guessed it.....work 

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