The Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions." --American Statesman Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Rationalizing Rhetorician

Got this from GOC

Any student of history, or even a casual fan of Western novellas and science-fiction adventures, knows the inherent dangers in unmitigated megalomania, unrepressed narcissism, and unwarranted arrogance. Throughout literature, oral tradition, movies, religions, myths, and records, the endgame is always the same: downfall, collapse, ruin, and widespread suffering by countless innocents . . . regardless of the region or culture in which the tale originates.
Even worse, many times the dictator or tyrant or false prophet begins with the noblest of intent, the purest of purpose, the highest of ethics, and genuinely believes until the handwriting miraculously appears on the wall that he is right and all who oppose him simply fail to see the beauty and simplicity of his master plan.
Today we have an arrogant, narcissistic, idealistic rhetorician whose entire knowledge of practicality could be neatly inscribed on the bill of a sparrow in all-cap bold print. His complete ability set lies in campaigning, which is to say that he makes promises that he has been told the people want to hear, promises which change from venue to venue and issue to issue.
His primary goal has always centered on an intense need to overcome what was an unfortunate birth by an unready mother in an unhappy relationship with an unpleasant stranger who abandoned both her and their son; an unhappy childhood in a strange land with unfamiliar customs, traditions, and religion; an unfulfilling adolescence in another strange multicultural society with no ethnic groups for which to feel kinship; an unrecorded education based on theory and philosophy with no adjustments or questions by real-world applications and practice; and an unholy affiliation with an unAmerican preacher and domestic terrorists who condemn the very nation he foolishly believes he is fit to govern.
His primary problem, after the fact that he has no experience for management or governance, is that he believes his nebulous and ill-defined approach to solving the nation’s problems will work although it has consistently failed every other place it has been tried simply because at long last the proper person for implementing it has arrived on scene -- him.
He calls himself an organizer, a unifier, a healer, one who has the gift and the vision necessary to lead the nation out of gridlock and the inequity of its wealth allocation toward a utopia where government provides for everyone’s needs all the time by eating the rich and redistributing their assets.
He is in fact a rationalizing rhetorician who, like all rising despots, uses clever phrases and false syllogisms and overgeneralized condemnation of his opponents to mask balderdash and propaganda and pass them off as truth and wisdom.
Support for his illogical and ambiguous manifesto resides primarily in three groups: those who are dedicated to him for no other reason than ethnic loyalty, those who think it’s “cool” to champion a half-black man to assuage their white guilt, and those who are either ignorant of or can’t remember or are too dull to comprehend the abundant lessons of history and literature.
Half of America bought into a halfrican wet dream of “hope” and “change” in which the hope of creating a legacy and a place of permanence for his name in the history books has now been achieved, and the change is all that most people have left to live on since their future has been mortgaged beyond their ability to pay off.
Narcissism defies reality much as ignorance resists the lessons of history, and arrogance resists dispute much as inexperience resists truth. This rookie quarterback posturing as a pro has consistently called the wrong plays, mishandled the ball, thrown interceptions, and backed the team up to its own goal line until the final two-minute warning has sounded, the score is tied, it’s 3rd and 35, and the defense has been sent to the showers.
The man-who-would-be-leader-of-the-free-world has fallen into the trap of believing what the swooning, salivating media say about him. Instead of reading the daily intelligence report, he re-reads his own press releases. He offers no solutions to problems and directs his minions to reject all proposals from the opposition which could very well cut spending, create employment, and balance the budget.
His belief in the delusion his speeches have created refuses to accept anything which threatens his policy of trickle-up poverty as the path to recovery, and the light shining from his gleaming castle in the sky has blinded him to the impending disaster his tax-and-spend guiding principle is developing.
Barack Hussein Obama’s amorphous plan for America has created a looming, ominous dark cloud over the nation. He has trampled on tradition, cast out customs, alienated allies, divided demographics, scoffed at scorn, sneered at security, nixed negotiation, and confounded compromise in the blind, unfounded belief that anyone whose ideas do not correspond with his own is automatically wrong and not worthy of his time.
A second Obama term would see the Supreme Court transformed into a left-wing political tool for the complete dismantling of individual responsibility, free enterprise, and border security. Capital flight to nations with more favorable business climates would result in decreasing federal revenues in the long run, and in 25 years the name USA will no longer exist, having been replaced by Argentina del Norte. But, at least half the population won't have to learn a new language to fit its new name

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