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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Voting Democrap isn't in the younger voters interest


Democrats' Policies Aren't In Young Voters' Interest

Future: Mitt Romney said Monday that he fails to "see how a young American can vote" for a Democrat. He may have something there. Coming generations will be doomed by the progressive policies of today.
Outside of their desire to intern capitalism and replace it with a euro-style welfare statism, Democrats are not a forward-looking group.
Although they fancy themselves as "progressives," their ideas are truly regressive. The future? For the Democrats, it's all about the next election:
• To build and maintain their constituency, Democrats pile up debt that future generations will be liable for.
Consider the federal debt increase during the first three years of the Obama administration.
CBS News reported Monday that it "has now increased more during President Obama's three years and two months in office than it did during eight years of the George W. Bush presidency."
The debt has reached a staggering $15.57 trillion, which exceeds our gross domestic product. Who will pay this bill? Coming generations, of course.
• In seeking the votes of retirees and near retirees, Democrats refuse to fix Social Security.
This entitlement is headed toward financial crisis. In 1950, there were 16.5 workers paying into the system for each beneficiary receiving payments. In 2030, that ratio will have fallen to 2.1-to-1. That's an unsustainable situation, yet Democrats continue to block reforms that will benefit the workers of tomorrow.
• To keep the far-left socialist-Democrat/Occupy wing of the party happy, Democrats agitate for policies that promise economic "fairness" but will actually produce a sclerotic, slow-growth future.
Hammering the rich with punitive taxes is an article of faith among Democrats. Obama showed this perfectly when he admitted during the 2008 campaign that even if cutting the capital gains tax increased federal revenues, he would want the tax rate to be higher "for purposes of fairness."
Look at how Obama's economic policies and overheated rhetoric are choking the recovery.
Companies are holding on to more than $2 trillion in cash and are hesitant to use it to hire or invest because the Democrats have created a hostile investment environment, a regulatory morass and real fear of future tax hikes that will hurt business.
Republicans might not excite young Americans very much. But Democrats should alarm them

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