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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Some Truth about Trayvon Martin

I ran across this from Irish and linked to this site

SOME truth about Trayvon...

Since our entire country is about to tear itself apart over a hispanic/black/jew killing a black boy, I decided to sit down tonight and do a little digging.

What I found didn't really surprise me -- I'm about the world's biggest cynic -- but it IS pretty staggering in a sick sort of way...

First the "concensus narrative":

Poor little Trayvon - choir-boy extraordinaire, and candidate for sainthood - was chased down and murdered by a racist white man for the "crime" of walking to the store to buy a bag of skittles for his beloved little brother.

The police TOLD the racist murderer not to follow Trayvon, but he continued, and wasn't satisfied until he'd MURDERED this innocent little child.

Naturally, they also trot out heart-melting pictures of the innocent child, to be sure nobody misses the fact that he was someone SPECIAL whose life was cut tragically short by the twin horrors of racism and guns.

What's worse, the evil, racist redneck cops in the Florida town where this tragedy happened chose to let the murderer walk free - after all, he was white and the dead "child" was black!

At this point, 99% of the black community is screaming for "Zimmerman"'s head on a platter, thanks in large part to media pandering and the usual bevy of race-hustlers and pimps. Even King Hussein The First, has chosen to fan the flames by claiming "If (he) had a son, he'd look like Trayvon".

You'd THINK that black folks ESPECIALLY - given the long history of "their people" being lynched without benefit of due process - would be against the whole meme - but obviously you'd be WRONG.

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you've heard all that so many times that it's become TRUE - though it's nearly all a pack of sickening LIES!

Here's what I've learned...

First of all, Trayvon was in this "strange neighborhood" because he'd been sent there by his Momma -- sent to stay with his DADDY for a bit so Daddy could "straighten him out" during a week-long suspension from school.

Though nobody will say what he did to get himself suspended, one thing is sure: It was relatively SERIOUS if it earned him a weeklong suspension... For Mom to call on DAD to "straighten him out" - thus admitting SHE COULDN"T HANDLE THE KID - is also telling!

Then there's Trayvon himself...Here's the kid we've all been told was so brutally murdered:

As it turns out, that picture is about 5 years old!
In reality, THIS is the "Trayvon 'SLIMM' Martin" who was shot on that fateful night:

Gosh! Gold "grille", "saggin' pants", obscene gestures... Not quite the choir-boy we've all been crying over, huh?

Then there's the fact that - in another image from his Facebook page - young Trayvon apparently self-identified as a "MADE NIGGA" - meaning he'd been officially accepted into a "gang."

Which gang? I'm not sure, but clearly it has a "Waters Avenue" "set" - and "Slimm" made a claim to be in it!

Lest you fall for the claims of "That's a DIFFERENT Trayvon Martin" - note that even the pic his family chose for his "funeral handout" had a similar "tough guy" vibe - also delivered in a red font.

Even further, I'd bet a paycheck that the "skull and crossbones" came from the same "graffiti" font-set he used for his "Made..." announcement above! - but I digress...

Do a simple Google Image Search for "Trayvon Martin" and look at what pops up. Scroll on down and look -- you'll find all sorts of *OLD* pictures of him (the bastards even go so far as to break out the photo from his "Kindergarten Graduation") -- but you'll find the only sites showing the pics I found above are places like "StormFront"...


Lastly, note that the Police Report from the night of the shooting - which took its info from his two-year-old ID - listed him as 6-0, but the Trayvon who was shot was was in fact a six-foot-two and 180+ pounds football player - not the innocent little boy being plastered all over!

Zimmerman OTOH is 5-9, and obviously obese. Further, he was - when police arrived at the scene - bleeding from his nose and from the BACK of his head. He also had grass all over the wet-back of his shirt, which corroborates

the eyewitness' statement that he'd been on the ground on his back being beaten by the poor choir-boy Trayvon prior to his firing his weapon.

Ok ....So maybe Trayvon wasn't the choir-boy we've been led to believe - but that doesn't give Zimmerman the right to kill him!After all - Zimmerman continued chasing Trayvon after the police told him to stop!

As it turns out, THAT is a lie too!
If you listen to the whole 911 call, you'll find two things:
(1) The dispatcher didn't tell Zimmerman "Don't do that" (follow Martin) - he said "We don't NEED YOU TO DO THAT"... The former is an order, the latter a simple attempt to limit liability!
(2) Even more importantly - contrary to the ongoing "concensus narrative" - ZIMMERMAN - upon being told he didn't NEED to follow Martin - STOPPED FOLLOWING HIM!!

You can tell this because he stopped wheezing when he was no longer hurrying trying to keep up with a running Martin - but also because he told the dispatcher that Martin had "disappeared", and that he (Zimmerman) was going to return to his truck!!

Listen for yourself:


I believe we've pretty well established that Trayvon wasn't who we've been told he was.
It's undeniable that they've gone WAAaaay 'round the bend to make poor little Trayvon look like a little boy instead of the LARGE, ATHLETIC *MAN* he really was.
I believe it's undeniable that the "narrative" of the whole thing is also twisted, through selective "editing" of the 911 tape.

What about those racist cops? They STILL should have arrested Zimmerman, right?

Well, as it turns out, that's wrong too!

See, Florida law PROHIBITS police from arresting someone who appears to have been acting in self-defense!

Further, it was *NOT* the cops, but the DISTRICT ATTORNEY who made the decision not to charge Zimmerman -- a decision he made *AFTER* reviewing all the evidence and the testimony of all the witnesses -- which just happens to match what Zimmerman has claimed from the beginning!

Zimmerman says he was returning to his truck when Martin ATTACKED *HIM*!
He says he began screaming for help, and when he was on the ground being beaten to death he finally drew his weapon and fired in self-defense!

This statement matches the story from multiple eyewitnesses, and even a SEPARATE 911 tape where Zimmerman can be heard screaming for help in the background!

But... Wasn't that Trayvon screaming for help?!

NOT ACCORDING TO MARTIN'S OWN FATHER - who told cops (after listening to the tape) "That's not my son." !!


[url=http://www.sanfordfl.gov/investigation/docs/Zimmerman_Martin_shooting.pdf][b][u]Here's a letter from the "City Manager" to the public, trying to calm things down"[/u][/b][/url] - it also has some interesting facts...

Lastly, here's a page with links to several relevant documents and videos...

In short, EVERYTHING you've been told about this case is a lie.

Every "fact" has been twisted, pictures deliberately altered, and the whole thing deliberately manipulated in order to foment and fan the flames of racial tensions.

The race-pimps and hustlers have done THEIR sickening best to wind up as many as possible, and they've been aided by everyone from the media to the White-House.


The answer to *THAT* question may just tell us what we REALLY need to know!!

There *IS* one more thing to consider, here:
Where is O'Blamer's concern for the 10 black kids killed/49 wounded JUST IN CHICAGO,

THEY don't matter - because THEY don't serve the AGENDA!!

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  1. Excellent post and good compilation of the FACTS! Thanks!