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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wood Badge

posting will be sporatic this week, I have to work on my wood badge requirements and get ready for the 2nd weekend of camping.  I also have to write up my tickets for wood badge so I can "return to Gilwell."  Wood Badge is a scouting leadership course and if there are any scouters out there, it is worth the experience.  I will then "work my tickets"

    This is an exerpt from Wiki:



The phrase 'working your ticket' comes from a story attributed to Baden-Powell: Upon completion of a British soldier's service in India, he had to pay the cost of his ticket home. The most affordable way for a soldier to return was to engineer a progression of assignments that were successively closer to home.
Part of the transformative power of the Wood Badge experience is the effective use of metaphor and tradition to reach both heart and mind. In most Scout associations, "working your ticket" is the culmination of Wood Badge training. Participants apply themselves and their new knowledge and skills to the completion of items designed to strengthen the individual's leadership and the home unit's organizational resilience in a project or "ticket". The ticket consists of specific goals that must be accomplished within a specified time, often 18 months due to the large amount of work involved. Effective tickets require much planning and are approved by the Wood Badge course staff before the course phase ends. Upon completion of the ticket, a participant is said to have earned his way back to Gilwell.[9]

     I want to post a lot of the Trevon Martin shooting and the various race pimps and anti 2nd amendment types wanting to glom onto this tragedy for their own personal agenda once I get my wood badge stuff completed so I can take a breather.


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