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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Interesting stats.....on my blog.

Y'all know that I post "Monday Music", usually on Monday...sometimes on Tuesday or even Sunday.  It depends on my work schedule.  Well I decided to check my stats to see where my "readers" are coming from.  Well I expected to see the US of A as first....No surprise...well my second most visits is by ...Latvia.  Well surprisingly I actually know where that country is.  They are in the Baltic regions of northern Europe, they along with Estonia were basically "absorbed" under Stalin as part of the "Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact" where the Soviets and the Germans promised not to invade each other and secretly partitioned Poland right before they invaded.  Well Latvia got rolled up by the Soviets and was treated as part of the Soviet Union until 1991 when they along with Estonia got their independence from the post Soviet government.  The Capital is Riga and they are part of the EU and part of NATO.  The Latvians have also contributed troops to various peacekeeping missions including Iraq, and Afghanistan.  Per capita, Latvia is one of the largest contributors to international military operations according to our State Dept.  It is on my bucket list to check out the area, from what I have seen, Latvia and Estonia have some pretty countryside and scenery and it would be worth a visit.  
     Well as I continue on my blog, the most visited postings I have had were not in my airplane stuff, although I get a lot of views from that.  Not from my rants, or my historical stuff.  It was from my most recent "Monday Music" with "your Wildest Dreams from the Moody Blues, I got over 250 views from that one.  I was real surprised, I guess it had a porn connotation or something.  I have a small blog and that count was real high especially for that kind of subject.


  1. The Moody Blues are da bomb! I saw them in concert. Best one ever!

    1. Hey Momma Fargo:)

      Yep they are a good concert band. That song was real big before I went to Germany after A.I.T. in Fort Devens in MASS. I really like it. Their greatest hits CD is a great "Road Trip" CD.