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Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Music "Your Wildest Dreams...Moody Blues"

  Well I am back on my regular schedule for this week...until the weekend.   I was sent to another Airbus School, it was a 1 day Instructor lead class about the Auto-land features and how the computers work with the ILS, GPS and radio-altimeter.   How the various computers on the airplane work on both the ground and air mode and how to troubleshoot it if there are problems.
Or as it is called PFM or "Pure f**cking magic".   What entails for a CAT III landing minimums (Cat III is basically very minimum visual references outside and the ILS system at the airport is used by the computers on the airplane to fly it to the ground, and compensate for windshear.  What it does if one of the computers fail, what will the plane do..depending on the segment of the flight if it will land anyway or tell the pilot to " go around". What is required for a CAT II or a CAT I.   It is a very interesting class.

"Your Wildest Dreams" is a 1986 single by the progressive rock band The Moody Blues, and it was written by the band's lead guitarist Justin Hayward. The song was first released as a single, and was later released on the Moody Blues 1986 album The Other Side of Life. It was a top-10 hit in the United States, peaking at #9, which had not happened to a Moody Blues song since "Nights in White Satin" in 1972. The song also became an Adult Contemporary number-one hit, and also charted at number two on the Mainstream Rock chart.
The Moody Blues' previous album, The Present, was relatively unsuccessful, although it did contain a couple of moderately successful singles. This caused the Moody Blues to lose some of their popularity among younger audiences. The success of "Your Wildest Dreams" reintroduced the Moody Blues to this younger audience, and their popularity was boosted even higher than before as a result.
With the band moving towards a more electronic sound, the Moody Blues relied less upon band member Ray Thomas and his flute skills—"Your Wildest Dreams" was one of the first singles not to feature Thomas at all—though Thomas would continue to be a major asset to the Moody Blues' concerts, as he would continue to play flute on their earlier songs, in addition to being a back-up vocalist.
The lyrics of "Your Wildest Dreams" tell the story of a man who is remembering his first love, and wonders if she remembers him the way he remembers her. "Your Wildest Dreams" was followed up by a sequel in 1988. The sequel is titled "I Know You're Out There Somewhere", and it appears on the Moody Blues album Sur la Mer.
A music video was also produced for "Your Wildest Dreams", which received a Billboard Video of the Year award. The video was frequently featured on MTV. The model in the video is Janet Spencer-Turner.


  1. Good song, and yes it's PFM with Airbus... sigh

  2. My favorite MB song!


  3. Never could figure out who the cute model was in "The Other Side of Life" video...
    anyone know who she is ?