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Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Direction of the country....

I took my son to "Camp Grandma"and on the way back I had to make a pit stop on I-75 near Calhoun at a Pilot gas station.  Well I saw this on the wall and had to take a picture of it.
   And it was going here....
    I was impressed, somebody took the time to write on a clean wall that is free of graffiti to make a statement,  No It wasn't me...I didn't have a sharpie on me or I would have added to it.   the discontent the average person has is at a high pitch and I believe that it will get worse.  I am hearing that a bunch of veterans are planning on marching on the WWII memorial and the Vietnam memorial around October 13 here is the Linkie.  What I have heard what prompted this besides the shameful way the WWII vets were treated, was the Vietnam Vets told to leave the "Open Air" Vietnam memorial by the Park service.   It will be interesting to see what Obungler will do but I am concerned if he will use this as an excuse for drastic action because of the partial government shutdown and the media will cover him and the cops like they did when Mariam Carey was shot by the Keystone Cops The Capital Police.  Because the DHS views veterans as "extremist" they probably will overreact or am I just got my tinfoil hat on too tight?

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