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Friday, October 4, 2013

The Feds want the little people to feel the pain of the partial shutdown

I have seen stuff on the news where the state park people are putting up barriers to keep people lot of the open air parks, there is normally no barriers, but they are adding them during the shutdown...
That bothers me....These places are "open air" and somehow the government finds the time to "close" them and put barricades up because the petulant boy king is throwing a temper tantrum because he isn't getting his way and he and the democrats wants the " little people" to feel the pain.   Now these places don't have barriers up normally....regular access and all that....but all of a sudden, there are barriers up?   Wait a freaking minute...those clowns in DC work for US   not the other way around.   Now we also have places like "Grand Canyon and Rushmore offered to stay open through state money but the bureaucrats are saying "NO"  they have their orders from "dear Leader" to make the hoi polli feel the pain because their betters in DC want to put the screws to us because they want an open checkbook to spend money we don't have so they can buy votes to stay in power.  They say this is over "Obunglercare"   Obunglercare is a sideshow...Dear Leader wants the debt limit raised.....again, nothing like going from 9 trillion dollars in 2008 to 18 trillion in 2013....nothing like doubling the debt...but who cares...the grandkids will pay it off.....maybe...but it don't matter as long as they stay in power they can keep hopping from turd to turd to keep their benefits and privelages while the rest of us have a decreased standard of living because the dollar is worth less and less.

     The Obama administration has stopped white house tours to punish the little people so we cannot see " our house"   but they have all the lobbyist and other democrat donors still have unfettered access to the Obungler white house......And nobody is screaming about this because the lamestream media is covering for that hack and his cronies in the whitehouse....now if that had been an republican whitehouse.....they would have been screaming bloody murder and demanding investigations...but since it is " their guy" they cover for him.   objective news reporters...my ass.  They are totally in the tank for this corrupt administration.
Of course, he’s aided and abetted by the LSM which is nothing more than the propaganda wing of the Dimocrat Party. The so called “journalists” are really nothing more than highly paid stenographers who write down and then regurgitate the talking points fed to them by the White House and the Dimocrats in Congress. All you have to do is listen to what the Dimocrat leaders have to say. They use the same words and they all call the Republicans the same names. “Terrorists” “Anarchists” “Hostage takers” “Radicals” “Extremists” (So much for that “new tone” and “civility” we were lectured about after the Giffords shooting. As with all of the other stuff we’re lectured about by our betters, it only applies to Republicans, Libertarians, and the Tea Party.) The members of the LSM no longer report. They now propagandize. And then they have the unmitigated gall to claim they have no liberal bias. Goebbels would be proud. So would Lenin and Stalin.
And didja notice that Obeauzeau is willing to negotiate with our enemies, the Iranians, but is not willing to negotiate with Republicans. He and the rest of the Dimocrats are using names for Republicans that apply more to the Iranians and al Qaeda than to Republicans. They’re calling Republicans “terrorists”. In all of my years, I have never seen the Dimocrat Party like this. And they have the unmitigated gall to call conservatives “extremists”?
     Where is the outrage?   What is with  the unmitigated gall of the President...You noticed that he only uses bad words to describe his political opponents...not the muslims that want to kill us, not to anybody else that wants to hurt us....but just his political opponents....Like he only has a spine when he is talking to the GOP..He knows that the LSM will cover for him...whereas the world media has lost its shine for him several years ago and they will report things that we in the states will not get unless we read foreign newspapers not the domestic bird cage liners or fishwrappers we get locally.
    Now I don't know about other people but I am really pissed about this crap, those clowns work FOR US...We are not sheeple to provide wool and the occasional mutton to our betters in D.C and I am wondering how much longer people in the states will get to the point that they are pissed enough to tell the FEDs to screw off.


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  1. Because any opposition is automatically racist... THAT is why there is no backlash... Sigh