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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dismayed and discouraged....

I an dismayed and disheartened by what I have seen, I have seen the establishment GOP knife the conservative members in the back, I see more of the same in the future.  I am wondering if we as a nation have the stones to continue to fight or have enough of the American people have gotten addicted to the government cheese to sign away their birthright for the illusion of security.  I remember the Reagan Revolution from the malaise of Jimmy Carter who until recent memory was the crappiest president in modern American history.
     I remember when Bill Clinton got away with perjury(not oral sex) as the pundits claimed during the impeachment hearing.  I remember W getting his win over legions of Chads and democrat lawyers who tried to kick out the military vote the same time they were trying to pad the election results with extra democrat voters in very democrat areas like Broward county.  I remember the attacks on 9/11 when we became a united country until the democrats more interested in loyalty to party than loyalty to country.  I also remember W becoming the spendiest president until the petulant boy king assumed the Presidency in 2008.  I remember Bush the younger pushing through the Patriot act and forming Department of Homeland security 2 organizations that Obungler has used to great effect on his political enemies and the American people to help establish a police state the likes that would make Stasi proud and the KGB envious. 
     I am disheartened and dismayed that the establishment GOP saw the need to stick it to the Tea Party when the Tea Party caucus was the reason of the GOP getting the house back from the democrats in 2010.  The establishment GOP is more concerned about getting along with the monolithic democrats than standing on principles.  They keep forgetting that life goes on outside the beltway and many people have given up on the GOP, you know the same people that gave you John McCain who threatened to leave the GOP earlier in the decade.   The Establishment GOP after getting the House back in 2010 had the real opportunity to boot Obungler out and make him a 1 term president like Jimmy Carter was. , After running the most inept campaign in history instead of winning, we got Rommney, Who had good credentials but couldn't go against Obunglercare the most hated piece of legislation in recent history.  Many people like me held my nose and voted for him even though we were not happy.  Many other conservatives knowing that Mitt was establishment GOP refused to vote at all and giving Obungler a win and a mistaken belief that he has a mandate.
     Now they have caved and surrendered like SOP for the GOP, now we will have to deal with this crap again in January which plays to the democrats plan to drag this to the 2014 elections where they will use it as a blugeon against the GOP instead of the 2014 being a referendum on Obunglercare.  We have a crushing debt, massive entitlement spending and no one wants to make the hard calls to fix the problem.  I am a fairly sharp guy one of the sharper knives in the cutlery drawer, I wonder where the Ginsu blades on the GOP are?  Don't they see the same thing? or are they just blinded by life in the beltway and forget what the real world is like.   I fear for my country, the future that my son will inherit and his generation will have to deal with the failures of the politicians to fix the problems instead of kicking it down the road.

     I pulled the following article from Breitbart and I liked what Ben wrote, perhaps somebody in the GOP can do this to keep from getting hammered  in January........

The latest Republican cave should teach conservatives two particular lessons. First, crisis politics never benefit conservatives. When there is a crisis, the side with the media at its back and unity in its caucus will always win. That side is the Democrats. Crises do not work to conservatives’ advantage; the left can simply demonize conservatives by suggesting that their stance against massive government interventionism is a stance against the American people. In the fact of that pressure, the fractious Republican caucus is likely to buckle.
Second, the American people understand and like funding on a case-by-case basis. When Republicans passed an individual bill funding vital defense concerns, President Obama was forced to sign it, even despite his moratorium on signing funding without doing so for the whole federal ball of wax.
On January 15, America is slated to require a new continuing resolution. President Obama is itching for a replay of this fight closer to the November 2014 midterm elections. Republicans should not give it to him. Instead, they should spend every day between now and then passing individual spending bills and forcing Democrats to reject them in the Senate, or President Obama to veto them. Then the creation of a funding crisis itself will be on President Obama from the start. This also happens to be the way the founders envisioned funding the government, rather than through massive, pork-filled omnibus packages.
Can Republicans win victories by controlling the purse? They sure can, but only if they don’t wait until President Obama and the Democrats demand, at the point of bayonet, that Republicans open the vault. Instead, Republicans should pay the bills one at a time, just the like other Americans do. Then we’d be spared the drama and the crisis – or, at the very least, the cynical dramatics of watching the President of the United States and his Senate Majority Leader henchman claim that Republicans are the bad guys, even as they kill hundreds of spending bills even their own constituents like.
Ben Shapiro is Editor-At-Large of Breitbart News and author of the New York Times bestseller “Bullies: How the Left’s Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences America” (Threshold Editions, January 8, 2013).


  1. I don't think there is much difference in any of them anymore. We have to choose between liberal regular and liberal decaf.

  2. ONly problem is, they will wait and we'll go through this all over again in Jan... sigh