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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Monday Music "My name is Luka"

I am posting Monday Music on a Tuesday morning(early)..again.  I think my schedule will be chaotic until around Christmas.  Between work and boy scouts, I am very busy.  I don't mind, I just want to "do right" by the kids including my son whom I am very proud of.  I recently added this song to my MP3 collection on my phone.  I remembered hearing this song on AFN while i was stationed in Europe around 1987.  The lyrics were a bit haunting and never knew the artist name until I happen to catch the song many years later on my Sirius/XM radio and downloaded it to my collection.

"Luka" is a song recorded by Suzanne Vega and released as a single in 1987. It remains her highest-charting hit in the United States, reaching number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100. Vega also recorded a Spanish-language version of the song, featured on the single.

This song was one of the earliest to deal with child abuse and domestic violence. One critic said, "the 'happy' music is a metaphorical denial, making this seem beautiful and serene while discussing something terrible and devastating. It is a wonderful use of tune as a metaphor for how many abuse victims also deny their abuse, and is a profound classic.

This video was directed by Michael Patterson & Candice Reckinge. It was shot over three days, in New York City. The part of Luka was played by actor Jason Cerbone, who was chosen after the directors auditioned more than 90 children for the part.

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