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Friday, November 29, 2013


I hope everybody had a good thanksgiving, All I did was watch football  (Yay go Cowboys, I am a Falcon fan and I will not discuss this year....I quit watching the games, too depressing.) and avoid politics...I didn't want the negative Obama waves to interfere with the happiness of the holiday spending it with family.  Speaking of Obama, nothing like telling his myrmidons and other sycophants to discuss healthcare and how good Obamacare is for the country, Yeah wreck the festive holiday with family discussing that train-wreck.   Well in the interest of health, it is a possibility of causing soo much indigestion that they will not overeat and overload the health system.....perhaps that is the plan after all?

A while back, I had upgraded my AR-pattern rifle, the story is here.  Well I finally had time to go to the range, My son and I had to run some errands before we could go to the range.  I was excited to see how well the modifications went and my son was really pushing to go to the range so today was a good excuse to go.   I also took my Mosin Nagant to exercise it also.  A good friend had given me some 7.62X54R to shoot for him since he needed the brass to make his 45-70 loads for his rifle.  Buying Nagant ammo is a lot cheaper than buying the brass for the 45-70.
And since I am a good friend, I will dislocate and relocate my shoulder for him every time I fire.
 Here we are getting ready to shoot for the first time, I have been looking forward to this since I started the modifications.  Its is all academic until little(Well it is a .22 caliber round)holes start appearing on the paper and plot the progress.

   The first time I fired, it was at the 15 yard line, the target shuttle was having issues so that is as far as it would go.  Since the range was really crowded I was happy to get a lane without having to wait.  There were a lot of new shooters in there and that did make me glad, for there is more people in the sport and more guns out there will make it harder for the democrat,liberal,nannystate assclowns anti-gunners to use the apparatus of the state to seize firearms. 
     I turned on the vortex sight,( I should have taken a pic through the sight with my camera but I didn't do it...perhaps next time.)  and sighted it in on the right hand upper target.  My first 5 shots were grouped close together but they were southwest of the target, at the 7:oclock location.
     My second group was closer to the center but still a bit low and to the right of my target.  I made some more adjustments and brought it closer to the centerpoint.  My third groupings were pretty much spot on so I was pleased.  My son also had an opportunity to shoot my AR, I took the .22LR adaptor out and reinstalled the regular bolt carrier group and fired some regular ammo through it then let him shoot some rounds through it.
He commented that it does shoot differently with regular ammo vs the .22 LR.   I agreed but the cost of the regular ammo is still much more expensive than the .22LR so the adaptor I use is well worth the money.

He also fired his old bolt action Marlin, who shot great as usual, his semi auto 22LR with the scope was more finicky with ammo.  I am considering sending it off to get it looked at.  it shouldn't have the feeding issues that it has.
     All in all it was a good day to go to the range, I got my *EBR sighted in and it shot great!
    I wanted again to tell AM thanks for the advice and it was real good advice and I am very happy with the mods to my rifle.
Here the rifle is at home waiting her turn at the cleaning table.



  1. Nice collection there. We were hoping to get to the range but didn't make it. You have a nice range. Ours is just a dirt mound out in a field. But it works. Set up a target on the wooden backboard and fire away. I have a KSG that I haven't shot yet and an RFB that needs to be sighted in. Maybe we will get there soon. Our son loves to go too.

  2. Mosin Nagant!!!! Awesome!! Best gun for the money! I got two of 'em. Long one and a short one just like the one in your picture. The only thing I don't like is it's hard to use the safety, especially when it's cold outside. Check out 7.62X54r.net. http://62x54r.net/

  3. Got a Nagant pistol too! Seven shooter.

  4. hey Angela;
    You are lucky, I would love to shoot off my porch. my area is too built up.

    Hey Neil;

    thank you for the compliment. I wanted to buy a second one but they ran the. price up on them. Nagant has a safety?

  5. hey Angela;
    You are lucky, I would love to shoot off my porch. my area is too built up.

    Hey Neil;

    thank you for the compliment. I wanted to buy a second one but they ran the. price up on them. Nagant has a safety?

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    1. I'm sure you're joking. All Mosin Nagant owners joke about that. but for those of you who are not familiar with them (but you should be, they're only a little more than $100), the safety is a round knob on the back of bolt that you pull out (hard to do) and turn.

      As for shooting off the porch, I shoot from the kitchen table, out the open patio door. My wife and family don't like it when I shoot guns in the house because it's so loud, so I only do it a few times a year.

  7. Hey Neil;

    I am not joking. My rifle was made in 1942 and I couldn't ever find it. I figured it was not installed in the name of speed, since the Germans were knocking on the doors of Moscow during that time. It also tracked with how the Soviets viewed casualties...they didn't care much about their troops. "Training" accidents are part of their doctrine.
    I bought mine in the mid 90's and paid $59 for it:) I should have bought more, but those were the "salad" days and the wife complained when I wanted to buy another. She isn't a fan of my rifles or pistols, but it is MY hobby so she acquiesces. I wanted to buy a "long" one with bayonet, they had them at the range for $129, which wasn't bad. Sandy hook happened and there was a run on everything and the price doubled. I will wait for the price to drop before I buy another one.