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Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday Music "Trouble" by Lindsey Buckingham

Well it looks like I will post a "Monday Music" .....*Drumroll please........* on Monday!  Yay go me!!!   I got off work a bit early and I still need to wind down a bit before I go to sleep and blogging to me is therapeutic.
   Well I decided to go with Lindsey Buckingham,  It is a song from his solo album, he is one of the singers/songwriters/musician from Fleet-wood Mac.   As I have stated many times, I am a big fan of Fleet-wood Mac, I first heard of them in Germany in 1977 when I was 11  years old and I would catch them on late at night on AFN radio in Frankfurt and Wolfman Jack was the DJ,   They would play all the "superbands from the 70's" and I would rock out until I fell asleep.  I for many years thought that Wolfman Jack  was a DJ for AFN radio.  I found out many years later that his show was syndicated.  I remember this song while I was first entering High school....I had lost track of the song for many years until I happen to hear it on XM Sirius on my favorite channel..." The 80's on 8".  The first time I heard it, it was instant recognition.   The song is an easy listening song..  The name of the song is "trouble"....and it is what the Obama administration is having right now between Obunglercare and the bending over and getting screwed by the Iranians because they sent Flipper over to negotiate and Flipper is good about caving in and throwing his country under the bus.  He had much practice kinda like Jane Fonda,   But I digress.

"Trouble" is a song by Lindsey Buckingham. It was the biggest hit off the album Law and Order, which was released in 1981. It was also Buckingham's first hit as a solo artist.
"Trouble" was the only song on the album that Buckingham didn't play bass or drums on; his Fleetwood Mac bandmate Mick Fleetwood was brought in to do the drums. Things didn't work out very well in the recording session, and a taped loop of the drum track, about four-seconds long, was used over and over for the song. The song is sung in a light falsetto.
The single would become a #9 hit in the US in early 1982. It topped the charts in Australia for 3 weeks.
In the UK, it was released on the Mercury Records label. It entered the UK singles charts on 16 January 1983, rising to a high of number 31, and it remained in the chart for 7 weeks.
The distinctive music video for "Trouble" features a multi-instrumental "big-band" of male musicians (six as guitarists, besides Buckingham, and six as drummers, including Mick Fleetwood). Walter Egan also appears in the music video as the second guitarist from the front. The video also includes Bob Welch, Dwight Twilley, Jimmy Iovine, and Andy Ward (the drummer from Camel).
The song appears in the film Just One of the Guys during the blind date

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