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Friday, November 15, 2013

The President promises..."If you like your old plan...you can have it back...for 1 year"

I am still working on my veteran post...I will be camping "again" with the boy scouts this weekend but I will try to move the pics to a draft on the blog and save the draft so I can "flesh it out"  on the road.  I have been soo busy with boy scouts, I am asst scoutmaster at one troop and my son goes to another.  he doesn't mind...He gets twice the amount of scouting as everybody else...and he likes that.   I think every weekend since September has been tied up in scouting....Man I am tired.  But I digress....

      I heard on the radio that the President told people "if you liked your old policy, you can have it back...for 1 year."    Lemme think....Is there an insurance company in existence after spending 3 years ramping up for Obunglercare will go back to an old policy...for 1 year...that is illegal under the Affordable Care Act*Obamacare*.   Do you see the legal implications......Yeah me too.   This is pure political chicanery, There are a bunch of Democrat senators that are up for re-election in 2014 and they are running scared. 

They know that Obamacare is a train-wreck and they are "afearing for their political lives."   To use an old southernism.  The democrats know that they will pay for what is the affordable care act...you know the one that was passed strictly by democrats using back room tactics and political payoffs.   The American people...the ones that ain't hardcore liberals know what happened and they are pissed.   As is the people that got cancellations letters in the mail.  I think California had about a million of them that got cancelled because it didn't meet the standards that the ACA demanded.  Including pregnancy, neonatal, and other stuff, especially stuff that the older people didn't need or want.   Now we hear that the President "Misspoke" when he told people that they can keep their Dr and their insurance..if they liked them....It is funny that it is on video 29 times I think the President stating that if you liked your policy...you can keep it under the Affordable care act.....Now he "mispoke"
Reports have come out from CBS that the President knew that peoples policies would be cancelled, but  figured that the media would cover for him....again.  This is part of the liberal elitist, they know what is best for us....you know...the unwashed masses and they know like a parent knows what is best for their kids....it ain't what the kid wants.....it is what is best for the kids.   This in a nutshell is the problem with the liberal elitist.  They will say what is necessary to further their goals.   Having the President lie on national TV is part of the agenda.
   Now back to Obamacare, there are navigators that have been hired that are felons, and you are required to give your private information to people that have been convicted of felonies......Does anybody else see a problem with this?   Also there is tapes of these same navigators telling people to falsify their income to qualify for subsidies to offset the cost of the new insurance plans on the exchanges.....Lie to the IRS...that is responsible for the implementation of Obamacare...Right....to the only agencies that believes you are guilty....unless proven innocent....in their court.....right.....  Anybody else see an issue with this?
The same program that calls for hiring 16000 new IRS agents...and we know from past performance that the IRS will be totally impartial in their dealings with the American public.  
     And the President bragged that they have had over 100,000 people access the website to get their insurance....access and completion are to different acts.  Many people accessed the new health exchanges...to get insurance..that they have to have...or get penalized by the IRS...you know the same agencies that treated conservative and tea party groups with such respect and decorum.  The web site still have problems and they brought the people that made "google" to try to fix it......why didn't they do this 3 years and 640 million dollars ago.

I don't know if the anger will continue to the 2014 elections...Obama don't want to be a lame duck President, and he needs to have full control of congress to rubberstamp what ever he still wants to achieve in his agenda. 

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  1. Yep, all correct, and no we are NOT going to like the consequences... sigh