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Friday, November 22, 2013

How I feel about Windows 8.......@##$%^%%$#**&%

I spent 2 hours working on a rant and when I was wrapping it up, something happened to the rant.  I was on the laptop downstairs that uses windows 8 which I consider it a tool of the antichrist.  I am far more comfortable with XP and I like it.  XP is stable...and XP don't eat my postings.....unlike Windows 8.

This comic is stuck on the side of my dinosaur desktop that runs my VERY stable XP.  Microsoft decided to change  XP to vista...which sucked pond water.....to Windows 7 which sucked a different version of pond water....and now Windows 8 which sits on the right hand of the devil itself.   I will try to post the rant later.....after I calm down......


  1. When my desktop dies, I'm DONE with Windoze... Just sayin...

  2. I guess I will have to learn something else....I don't want to mess with apple... Perhaps Linux or something like that.

  3. Linux is a good system, recommend Ubuntu! And Open Office, it runs all the ms office stuff with less overhead and file sizes!!!