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Friday, January 2, 2015

Just came back from a trip......And this followed me home

   Just came back from a trip to Chattanooga, to pick up my(new to me) car.  This is my first Mercury Product, I have owned nothing but Fords...except for my first car which was a 1976 Gremlin.  I saw a good deal in another city and we took a road trip from Atlanta to Chattanooga to get it.  It was a straight up cash sale, the money I got for my totalled Focus paid for this car, I still have some $$$ left for the ad valorum and get the windows tinted.   I got a 2010 Mercury Milan( stablemate to the Fusion).  The car is a little bigger and rides a LOT better.  got more options and far less miles than my departed Focus.  Can't complain though....I walked away from my accident.

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  1. Nice! My luck usually goes the OTHER way... sigh