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Friday, January 30, 2015

The origins of coffee...

As those that frequent my little corner of the internet, probably have gathered from the name of my blog...that I love coffee, I don't drink, smoke, dabble in recreational pharmaceutical or drink soda.  The only vice I have is coffee and I don't consider it a 'vice".  Well the inspiration for the name of my blog came from my brother.  He didn't even realized it.   I was over visiting him and he gave me a cup of "Kona" coffee.....Man that stuff was awesome and every time I went over there, I would pick up a few bags from the PX  and bring it back with me in my suitcase since I couldn't get "Hawaiian Isles" Kona coffee except at some snooty coffee house in midtown.   I am a bit of a coffee snob.

Coffee is a brewed drink with a distinct aroma and flavor, prepared from roasted coffee beans, the seeds found inside "berries" of the Coffea plant. Coffee plants are cultivated in over 70 countries, primarily in equatorial Latin America, Southeast Asia, India and Africa. The two most commonly grown are the highly regarded arabica, and the less sophisticated but stronger and more hardy robusta. The latter is resistant to the coffee leaf rust, Hemileia vastatrix, but has a more bitter taste. Once ripe, coffee beans are picked, processed, and dried. Green (unroasted) coffee beans are one of the most traded agricultural commodities in the world. Once traded, the beans are roasted to varying degrees, depending on the desired flavor, before being ground and brewed to create coffee.
My Coffee mug in the morning

     I work at a place where the coffeemakers are running 24 hours a day 7 days a week, coffee serves as both a morning drink to wake people up...remember the caffeine? and a social lubricant.  People would get their morning coffee(or afternoon or night) depending on the shift and sip their coffee and B.S with their colleagues, it reaffirms the social bonds of the crew.  This happens all over the world and that is a good thing.
This would be my workplace if decaffeinated coffee(dirt) was introduced.


  1. Hi Mr. "K,"
    That's so true and especially the "dilbert" at the end, so funny!! To start with, "Forget the Decaf!!" I want the real deal!! I grew up in SE Louisiana and we "LIKE" coffee!! Typically around here it's "Strong" and you can find lots of "Chicory" blends,compliments of the unavailability of the real bean because off the "War of Northern Aggression!!!! Anyway, "'Love my Coffee!!" Down here, ya' can't top off a night of "Partying in 'da Quarter" without a trip by the "Cafe Du Monde" at the foot of Jackson Square . Enjoy tthe "Cafe Oh-Lay (coffee and milk) and Ben_yay" (doughnuts) [that's how you say it, never mind how you spell it!] and take home a pound or two of the coffee, you'll be glad you did!!!!!
    Next time I'll talk about the US Navy's romance with Coffee!!
    "Got Gunz and Coffee!!!???,"

  2. Yours isn't the only one... sigh And +1 on skybill on Cafe du Monde!!!

  3. Yours isn't the only one... sigh And +1 on skybill on Cafe du Monde!!!

  4. I too am a bit of a coffee fanatic. But for all the times I've tried new or exotic coffees, I keep coming back to brews lie Maxwell House (Original Roast) I can by off any supermarket shelf. We usually had Maxwell House or Folgers at home when I was growing up. Grandma always had Maxwell House down on the farm. My wife thinks I'm nuts, my daughter likes to stop at Starbucks, but I'm just as happy swilling down a cup or two of the same coffees that working or middle class Americans have been drinking for a generation or two.

  5. Hey Skybill,
    Thanks for the kind word, and yes the next time I go to NoLo I will check out the Cafe Du Monde. The "War against Northern aggression"? I thought I was the only person that used that term or "War between the States." But I guess since the bluebellies won that one, they can write the history..

    Hey Old NFO,
    It is entertaining sometimes when I come on on a weekend and we are hunting for a running coffeemaker, especially at night.
    Hey Doug;

    I have nothing against Maxwell, that is what we drink at work, it ain't bad coffee by no means, We also keep a container of it in the chuckbox with the troop when we old people go camping.....Scoutmasters get grumpy in the morning with no coffee.