The Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions." --American Statesman Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Friday/Saturday Musings *Addendum*

I worked the Overtime:)  Again..     *I added a Bill Whittle Video I ran across that other bloggers have posted*

  I have several musings....First off about the popularity of Trump and Sanders....Well both are outsiders...Trump is outspoken and will speak his mind and that is part of his popularity...He will say what most people are thinking but thanks to the PC police won't say anything.  And Bernie Sanders the socialist running on the Democrat ticket is promising free stuff especially to the millennial generation...They don't realize that there isn't nothing "free"..there is a price to be paid.
  And speaking of Hillary...The democrats had their "debate" hosted by CNN, you remember CNN? The CNN stands for "Clinton News Network."  The organization was in the tank for her husband in the 90's and they have transferred their loyalty to her.

 Hillary is the anointed one to the establishment democrats, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Democrat committee chair has been accused by the other candidates of "Rigging" the debate schedule to benefit Hillary. 
 Now"Uncle Joe" decided not to run....that means that Hillery will not get indicted..Makes me wonder what deal was offered to keep him out of the race.

  This tells me that that fix is in....Hillary is the "chosen" one for the Democrats....If Joe Biden was running, Obama would turn loose the FBI and they would find a way to indict Hillary.  It is a shame that Obama has so politicized the government.   And speaking of government, you have Lois Lerner the former I.R.S employee that was the poster child of the enforcement arm of the government targeting conservative groups...they use words like "poor judgment, bureaucratic inertia, ete,ete". but no charges....All I can say "wow", nothing like proving the "us" vs them attitude and that the government isn't there to serve the public at large, but to rule and operate for the benefit of the politically connected.
 Added a video
    There is no longer the rule of law in this country. It died a long time ago. Her husband should have been forced to resign as president in disgrace or thrown out of office, not because of sex, but other violations of the law like the 1000 FBI files. One of the grounds of impeachment for Nixon was requesting one FBI file that he didn’t even get. But BJ was protected by his corrupt party and by the corrupt media which is nothing more than the propaganda arm of his corrupt party. The current president enforces laws and makes laws on his whims. Who’s gonna stop him? The Stupid Party? Once again, he’s protected by his corrupt party and his skin color, not to mention the LSM propaganda arm of the Dimocrat Party. The age of the banana republic has arrived. 
  And people wonder why there is such animosity and people buying up vast amounts of ammo and weapons....I fear the balkenization of America will soon be upon us.  My buddy *Shelldude* came up with that word back in the mid 90's before the idea of America might fracture along ethnic/religious/political lines like I am seeing now.  He is prescient and I believe that what he had talked about back then will bear fruit.   I fear for the republic


  1. Can't help but agree... She's been 'anointed', and WE are going to pay... Not looking forward to spending my sunset years under their thumb... Just sayin

  2. Can't help but agree... She's been 'anointed', and WE are going to pay... Not looking forward to spending my sunset years under their thumb... Just sayin

  3. "Balkanization", and as much as I appreciate the shout-out, I didn't coin the term.

  4. Great post, Mr. G. I can't help but agree with you and OldNFO. If the Dem Evil Queen gets elected, all hell is going to break loose and we will surely be called the Evil Empire.