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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

S'mores and stuff

We had out Church trunk or treat tonight and we went with our "s'mores"  you know the boy scout camping staple....graham cracker....Hershey Chocolate...marshmallow ......and flames.   Combined you create the super super sugar high that scouts love at camping outings...followed by the crash afterwards and they go to sleep. 

   I started by setting up another basketball goal for the kid..Here was some of the stories I had with the earlier One

  Well we started the S'mores...
Then we started to build..
  Then we were using our camp stove to heat up the marshmellows
Well some of them caught on fire.....it does happen at camping trips..
Some of the completes S'mores  at the trunk or treat.   I should have taken more pics of the other things that were set up.....but I had to burn heat marshmallows to keep ahead of the hordes of kids that descended upon us....Apparently our S'Mores are very popular.


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