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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Some musings on a Saturday...

I have some musings that are bubbling around my head while I am assembling my NASA part 2 post.  So I will post the musings and keep rolling on the NASA post and then the shooting evaluation post.   First off, I worked 12 hours Overtime so that slowed me down a bit but I don't complain:)

 I was catching up on my reading and Peter posted a comment and a cartoon linkie to his site talking about the moral relativism that is seen today. There is a line that I remember from Babylon 5 from a movie of the series called "In the Beginning"

  I believe that we have a problem as a nation, the lack of morals and lack of a spine that our society has shown.  We no longer have the fire and integrity as a nation that made us the beacon of the free world.
   Here is the cartoon that started the thinking.
   it is a good cartoon and says much.   I believe that God does love us unconditionally but we will have to make an accounting for our actions with St Peter and the ledger when we reach the Pearly Gates
  And finally a last thought, I had a fellow blogger who went by the name "American Mercenary"  and his blog was "Random thoughts and guns".  His was a military centered blog with some personal experience thrown in. To me he wasn't particularly political but it dealt in military tactics and future developments.  Well he abruptly pulled the plug on his blog and shut it down.  his reason was as follows:

Hey AM;
I hate to ask, what is going on?
If you must go, then thank you for all the good stuff you had posted, I found it all useful ...
Someone aggregated enough personal information about my real life to trigger my "cut sling load" criteria.

I use an alias when I blog as do a lot of others, it is sad that there are trolls out there that see great joy in running people off the internet.    I have been following his blog almost as long as OldNFO,Murphy, Peter and Momma Fargo.  He had problems with certain marines that took offense that their corp wasn't the pinnacle of Military services and the  end all and be all of all the services when he made comments about the F35(white elephant) and that the Marines were sacrificing their future air assets on this plane to keep their dedicated air assets.  Any criticism even if it was constructive was anathema to the hard core.  I wonder if those are the ones that shut him down.   I find blogging therapeutic, it helps me get my thoughts out and organize them, and it makes me a better writer. 

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  1. I don't see how any rational, thinking military person can defend the F-35 boondoggle. The Air Force has the hots to scrap the A-10 Warthog so its funding can slap some more Band Aids on the spiffy-yet-iffy F-35. Someday, if the pencil pushers do kill the A-10, that's likely gonna put some Marines on the ground in a very compromised situation.