The Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions." --American Statesman Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

Wednesday, April 27, 2016



I will have a political musing coming up....and yes...I shamelessly ripped this off from Drudge.  Statistically Ted Cruz is eliminated for running for the GOP nomination for President.   I have heard rumblings that Cruz and Kasich are teaming up to act as spoilers to keep THE Donald from the nomination...
   Funny how that is working out.   I have seen the poll numbers, there are many more republicans millions more that in 2008 and 2012.  Sure some of them are democrats....and some of those are what I call "Stalking Horse" voters and they are hoping to benefit the Democratic nominee...

Yes that is the presumptuous candidate on the "Team Donk" side.    When the primary hit here in Georgia, I voted for Cruz....but if THE Donald gets the nod, I will happily vote for him.   I am voting not for the man, but what he represents...a big "Bite Me" to the GOP establishment, that took their base for granted, ran mediocre candidates, and basically went along with obama's policies because it kept them at the dinner table. while screwing the rest of the country.  What Cruz and Kasich is hoping for is a contested or brokered convention where the establishment can tell everyone else "this is your candidate...." and again the peoples will is stymied.  They don't understand and neither does "Team Donk" that the voters are really pissed and it will not take much for us to have an "American Spring" here and really stir things up.  The establishment is really playing with fire....as long as the people believe in the system, there will be quiet...but according to the latest polls, about half of the people believe that the system is rigged against them.

....and it will not take much for that to become a majority and when that happens....the protest will no longer be peaceful....but violent.
And there are others that see another candidate in their future.....That would solve all their problems...

"Small meteor of Death"

And a final video clip that has been called "the Greatest baseball play of all time"

mega Kudo's to Rick Monday for doing the honorable thing...


  1. Well said. I don't like or trust Trump, but will vote for him if nominated. We must not have the criminal and communist or the communist elected.

  2. Yep, it's about to get really interesting... Cue the popcorn in three... two...

  3. Everything I've read is that Trump started this as a protest with no intent or expectations of winning. It was only after Super Tuesday that things changed and he got the idea that he had a real shot at the title. Thats about when his ego really shifted gears. He has definitely tapped into a a deep vein of discontent and is digging like there is no tomorrow. The question now is what he does a year or two into the job when it gets tough and isn't the shiny new toy anymore. Any bets on him resigning to go back to life as a billionaire business man?

    1. Trump is an egomaniac and the position of the President would feed that ego more than any other. This allows a platform for his name (albeit not his birth name) to stand longer in history than anything he can do in a private company.

      And your toy theory? Find me a bigger toy to play with than the worlds largest economy and army?

  4. Anyone who thinks Trump is a political outsider is willfully ignorant. Clintons at his wedding, golfing with Boehner, using eminent domain to your business advantage, contributions to both democrats and politicians... If anything, Trump represents the back room deals with details that are not released to the public. He represents politics in the shawdows...
    Is Trump a better choice than Clinton? Yes. But what does the Republican platform become with a man in charge that is OK with abortion and neutral gender bathrooms? Is the destruction of any remaining conservative value in the Republican Party worth saving the country from 4 years of Shrillary? Choose your poison well.

  5. I was watching that Dodgers game with my dad. It was awesome in the moment, and still is.