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Friday, April 29, 2016

Will be going camping....

This post will be short,  I will be going camping.   I had to buy a hitch and ball and repair replace the old trailer plug wiring that the truck had.  Apparently the old owner had backed up and crunched the plug assembly.   I will be pulling the troop trailer...

The Shin detector......
2 minutes after I installed the hitch and ball, I was walking around the truck and *Crack*, I discovered that I had installed a hitch and ball....and my shin found it.....man that hurts...
     On a different note, I saw in the news that while the Donald is in California a bunch of protestors tried to interfere, they trashed a few police cars....and I noticed quite a few mexican flags in this group.

    Funny seeing the vaunted tolerance of the left again.....I know that the Donald can be a polarizing figure, but from what I have seen, the conservatives are not interfering with the speeches of the left, the only people that interfere with the left are the *black lives matter* crowd.  
This was taken near my house....
As Old NFO has stated....."We live in interesting times..


  1. But I don't WANT another round of them! Enjoy the camping trip!

  2. But I don't WANT another round of them! Enjoy the camping trip!

  3. For years, a used a stock bumper hitch on my Ranger. A few months back, I put a full fledged hitch mount on the back. Now the little landscape trailer rides much better. Heck, I'm tempted to put an electric brake kit on the Ranger, and maybe I can tow a small camping trailer. Luv my lil Ranger. 130,000 miles, 17 years on the road, still going strong... and still presents well above what you'd call an ugly truck.


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