The Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions." --American Statesman Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Thoughts on the Trump and the protest

This election cycle has proven to be a humdinger..we have the establishment from both party under attack from outsider candidates.  The GOP has Trump making a run and the Establishment is pulling out all the stops to derail him from paying off conservative websites to trash Trump and throwing money at Kasich to keep on running.

Despite that he hasn't really done much.  The Cruz is doing better and people are getting their battle lines drawn for their candidates.

 We have paid protestors harassing the Donald and his supporters, there are ads in Craigslist for "paid activist" and it pays about $15 an hour so people get paid to go and heckle the Donald and his supporters ..
And get Maced.....for being an entitled brat....and hitting the old guy whom didn't want to hear her crap anymore.

The trash I see on facebook is depressing...they are running all over each other and forgetting that they need to concentrate on "Team Donk".

  Lets talk about Hillary first since she is the "anointed"one according to the DNC, they have tried to put in the fix for her.  She is still being dogged by the email scandals.  She is considered corrupt by everybody but the most hardcore party apparachik.
  She is still electable due to the fact that many of the people believe that it is a "women's turn" now to be President....Remember the same people elected Barack Obama for the same reason....well kinda  for him it was the effeminate black guy....now it is the other way they are going with a bullish female....Talk about Gender identity issues....Oh snap I went there....
   Now we have Bernie making a run on Hillary, but he has been promising everything to his supporters
   Here is a video that helped explain the Bernie Sanders Economic plan
It is very hilarious but there is a lot of information on it.

    To paraphrase....."We Live in Interesting times..."



  1. Great post! Love your snark and common sense. I have a headache from all the political backstabbing and nonsense. The establishments just need to let be instead of trying to manipulate everything. Drives me batty. And that is not a far trip.

  2. The establishment parties have become the ultimate merchants of bait and switch. You can vote for anyone you like in the primary, as long as the party elites get to pick the nominee. The old Soviet system was perhaps more honest, where the party only let candidates who passed its vetting on the ballot. And no, I'm not holding out the Soviet system as an ideal, only using it to demonstrate how far our own has fallen.