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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving and reading a new book...

First off, Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy time with your family, that is why the holiday is important..

  And if you have any liberal relatives...be nice to them...they have had a hard time watching the "chosen one" go down in flames like a gazelle in front of a pride of lions.
Also I am reading my blog buddy's book Tom Rogneby who also operates a blog called "DaddyBear's Den".  I remembered when he started a few years ago turning daily events into a Norse Saga from picking up the kids from school or dueling some marauder in a grocery store, they were always funny and showed imagination.  A couple of years ago he published the first of the "Minivanians" series.  They are a good read and they get better and better.  I believe that rather than slay the annoying co-workers at his job like his blood calls out for, he writes instead...keeps the legal fees down, Lol.  Go read and he will tell you of tall tales when Norsemen ruled and traveled to far away lands for glory and treasure instead of looking for a parking spot in a grocery store.   Go read and hear the tales of Yore when mighty men and women rode into battle for glory and Honor, Go read tales of the Mighty Minivanians

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