The Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions." --American Statesman Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

Thursday, June 15, 2017

The shooting of the GOP whip and the hysteria of the left

The blood was barely cold on the ground when the usual suspects...

Like Terry the crook McAuliffe immediately threw out the statistic that 93 million Americans are killed by guns each day....Let that number sink in....then he published a revised number of 93 which is a bullcrap number that the Bloomberg gun groups pull out of their ass and nobody calls them on it. 
     The shooter was a Bernie Sanders supporter  and Facebook no longer has his page up...Might be embarrassing to the cause you know...But enough about the jerkwood shooter, I blame some of this on the shooter but I also blame a lot of this on the left that has kept their base stirred up since that day in November when Trump beat the PIAP* and ruined her coronation as the first female president.  The media and the left has stirred up their base to a fever pitch, they have encouraged their antifa movement to attack republicans in the street.  I have blogged about this as have many others about the lack of decency shown.  They have demonized their ideological opponents to such a degree that it is encouraged for the left to attack the right and beat them up, ruin their careers and now shoot them.  When you believe that your opponents are subhumans and that because they are bad people, they deserve everything that happens to them.

I and many of my fellow bloggers, like Old NFO and Peter whom a couple of days ago did a blog post about the "house divided" post and it was well done.  We have come to a point that we are not talking to each other anymore, we are talking past each other.  I honestly believe that the Left denegrates us, they believe that they are our "betters"

and if we did what we were told then there would be this "Great Society" where everyone will live in peace and harmony and sing kumbaya...Yeah right...  This graph will explain it...They view themselves as the "Inner Party" and the "outer Party", they have the control, the ability to tell others how to live....the "Proles", well that is "US", we do what we are told and we give them our fruits of our labor to support their society we are just the worker bees.    The problem is that many people on the right side of the aisle don't conform to the plans that they have in mind for us and our families.
      I blame the vitriol and hate on the Media and the left, they are trying to negate the results of an election that they honestly believe that they should have won.  It doesn't matter that they ran the crappiest candidate possible and tried to force the candidate down our throats because they believe that it was "Her turn" and she would continue the journey of socialism that they have in mind for us.
     I am not sure how this will end but unless the rhetoric is toned down, the future will not be a pleasant one for many people.  

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  1. AFAIK, this IS the first shot in the second civil war... The Dems are back to their ranting a raving today...