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Monday, June 26, 2017

Monday Music "New Song" by Howard Jones

This song came on the "80's" channel my Sirius XM on the way to work and I like the song and decided to incorporate it into my Monday Music.  I remember this song being part of the 2nd British invasion and riding the "New Wave" that was getting a lot of airplay on MTV, you know back when they played Music rather than the crap they play now. 

"New Song" is the debut single by musician Howard Jones, released in September 1983. The song, from the album Human's Lib, reached number three on the UK Singles Chart. The single spent 20 weeks on the Top 75. In the US, "New Song" peaked at #27 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, although it was not released there until early 1984.
The B-side was titled "Change the Man". The 12" single featured an extended version of "New Song" together with "Change the Man" and the original version of "Conditioning", which would be re-recorded for Human's Lib.
"New Song" itself was later re-recorded for The 12" Album, in a version titled "New Song (New Version)". This featured a lot of multi-layered piano, in contrast to the austere synthesizer sound of the original 7" and 12" versions.
On the UK 7" single, the song's lyric is printed in a spiral on the A-side label, with all the credits printed on the B-side.

The video opens at a food processing plant, where Jones works as a caretaker. As the owner arrives on the site, Jones strips off his uniform overalls and begins to sing to the other workers. One of them, a man wearing black/white face paint removes his overalls and begins to dance through the plant. As the owner begins to mop the floor, Jones, the dancer, and several employees pile into his luxury car and drive off. Jones and the dancer next visit an Underground station to perform for the patrons, then visit a window cleaner and get him to take a break from his work. Finally, the two arrive at a public school and interrupt a class of unruly students, who follow them outside to play on the lawn, followed by their teacher.
This is a video showing him playing the song live

Original Recording

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