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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sierra Square......Delta Square...

Big surprise....more followers of that peaceful religion of Islam have blessed the unbelievers again with their attention.   you can get the information from Here

"An eyewitness on London Bridge, told the BBC he saw three men stabbing people indiscriminately, shouting "this is for Allah" in a "rampage".
Police entered bars and restaurants in the Southwark area around 11pm and told customers to get down on the floor amid reports that the incident was still ongoing. People outdoors were told by yelling police officers to run from the area as the atmosphere turned to one of “hysteria”.
Shortly before midnight police said they were attending a third incident in the Vauxhall area."

 It seems that Britain still has a muslim problem like the Manchester concert a couple of weeks ago didn't  already show that.

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  1. And they refuse to acknowledge it... dammit!