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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Pushing the signal...Yeah, I'm using my blog like a repeater..

I shamelessly cribbed this from "The Godfather" and am reposting the signal.  I am arguing with a cold/flu and this came on the heels of my pneumonia/bronchitis and this crap sucks, I have absolutely no energy.  I am working the Veterans day post from the stuff that was at my employer's location and I will add one pic
KC-135  Plane has been upgraded with the CFM56 series engines(Same kind used on Airbuses A319/320/321 and the Boeing 737 600-900 series Aircraft
Well here is the signal that I am updating.

Update and a bleg…
Andi, a member of our Blogorado family, has suffered a stroke, which was misdiagnosed initially, leading to complications.  She doesn’t have medical insurance, and is having to fund her rehabilitation on a pay-as-you-go basis.  Several of us have pooled our resources by donating guns from our personal collections, and we’re offering them as an incentive to raise funds for her, along with some non-gun prizes (jewelry, books, etc.) for those who’d prefer them.  The Go Fund Me is HERE.
You’ll find photographs of all the prizes in three parts:  hereherehere, and here. There is an additional package it’s number 14!  A full polish on a stainless or nickel plate on a blued handgun. This is from Reflections Chrome Plating up in Maine! Remember, donate to the Go Fund Me, HERE, and email your receipt to  4anditherapy@gmail.comto participate in the raffle!!!
As I write this, we are at almost $12,000, so a little less than half way there. The raffle will continue until the end of November, and the drawing will be via a random number generator on 1 December.
Thank you to all that have contributed both packages and donations!

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